Unleash your data's potential with Zoho Analytics

What is IBMInformix?

It is a relational database management system and a high performance enterprise-class database developed by IBM for the most demanding transactional and analytics workloads that is always-on, highly scalable, and easily embeddable which can handle a large volume of data and concurrent users.

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Unleash your data's potential with Zoho Analytics

How will the integration of IBM Informix and Zoho Analytics benefit you?

By integrating IBM Informix and Zoho Analytics, you can derive valuable insights. With IBM Informix' versatility, advanced capabilities and ability to handle complex data, Zoho Analytics can scale with it and help you visualize the data in various ways. With this integration, you can improve efficiency and get deeper insights in quick time.

Data import

Easy Integrations

With various importing options available, you can seamlessly import your Greenplum data into Zoho Analytics and also from various other data sources and business applications.

Data Preparation

Transform your Raw Data

Before setting up your data for analysis, cleanse, enrich, model, and transform your raw data with the in-built data preparation tool to make your data clear and ready for analysis.

Data Blending

Unified Analytics

Combine related data from across several tables and create correlated reports and dashboards and see the relationship between different tables in a worspace.

Live Connect

Real-time Connection

Fetch live data from your Informix database and create reports without storing your data in Zoho Analytics servers.

Key features of Zoho Analytics to elevate your IBMInformix data

  • Incremental Fetch

    Incremental Fetch

    Do your analysis with up-to-the-minute data with the incremental fetch option. Upload only the latest changes in your data and improve performance and efficiency.

  • Scalability

    Advanced Analytical Capabilities

    With our in-built smart AI assistant, generate automated results from your Informix data in just a single click, predict future trends, do what-if analysis and much more.

  • Visual Analytics

    Robust Visualization and Customization Tools

    Visually analyze your data by building interactive reports and dashboards. Customize them by using variety of visualizing options like graphs, widgets and tables to make it visually appealing.

  • Collaborative Analytics

    Scalability and Flexibility

    An extensible and flexible platform to suit your business needs, which scales and expands as your data grows.

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