Revamp your HyperSQL data in just minutes

HyperSQL is a Java based relational database management system known for its versatility and efficiency. It offers a comprehensive array of features suitable for a wide range of applications. Zoho Analytics is a self-service BI and analytics platform that enables you to analyze your HyperSQL data using visually attractive dashboards and uncover hidden insights in a matter of minutes.

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Here is how you can transform your HyperSQL data with Zoho Analytics

Provide a powerful combination of tools viz., HyperSQL and Zoho Analytics to enhance data management, analysis, visualization and increase efficiency all together. Zoho Analytics can handle huge sets of data present in HyperSQL These two platforms complement each other to deliver the best results.

Data import

Easy Integrations

With various options to import data into Zoho Analytics, you can import your HyperSQL data and many other data sources including business applications, for an in-depth analysis

Data Preparation

Transform your Raw Data

Zoho Analytics has in-built data preparation features to cleanse, transform, enrich, and model your data and ensure it is ready for analysis.

Data Blending

Unified analytics

Blend in data from different tables and data sources to create correlated reports and dashboards. Zoho Analytics identifies the relations between these reports and data sources.

Live Connect

Set up a live connection

In this feature, your data will not be stored in Zoho Analytics. Data will be fetched directly from your HyperSQL database and reports will be created with up-to-date, live data.

How else does Zoho Analytics assist you in this integration?

  • Visual Analytics

    Visual Analytics

    With Zoho Analytics' powerful visualization tools, create interactive reports and dashboards. Identify trends, patterns, and outliers more easily.

  • Advanced AIML capabilities

    Advanced AIML capabilities

    Zoho Analytics has Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities and also understands natural language, for conversing. You can perform predictive analysis, what-if analysis, and set smart data alerts.

  • Data Security

    Data Security

    With enterprise grade security, Zoho Analytics also provides support for backup, confidentiality, and privacy to ensure your data safety.

  • Scalability


    Zoho Analytics is a powerful, scalable, and extensible platform that allows you to deploy custom analytics applications and integrations.

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