Insights simplified with Zoho Analytics

Greenplum is a powerful, open-source, massively parallel processing database platform. It is designed for managing and analyzing huge data with high performance and scalability. Greenplum is a versatile choice for a wide range of big data applications. Zoho Analytics is a modern self-service BI and analytics platform that helps you analyze your data with visually appealing reports and meaningful insights in just a few minutes.

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Insights simplified with Zoho Analytics

Here is how you can optimize your performance by combining Greenplum and Zoho Analytics

While Greenplum's massively parallel processing capabilities handle extensive data, Zoho Analytics offers various data visualization and reporting tools. By combining these two, you can leverage the strengths of both the platforms and enhance your analytics experience. With this integration, you can enable your business to make data-driven decisions more effectively.

Data import

Easy Integrations

With various importing options available, you can seamlessly import your Greenplum data into Zoho Analytics and also from various other data sources and business applications.

Data Preparation

Transform your Raw Data

Make sure your data is ready before analyzing it by cleansing, enriching and transforming your Greenplum data with the in-built data preparation tool in Zoho Analytics.

Data Blending

Unified Analytics

Bring data from multiple sources to create correlated reports and dashboards. Zoho Analytics identifies the relation between the data sources and blends the tables available in the data sources.

Live Connect

Real-time Connection

When you use this option, your data will not be stored in Zoho Analytics servers. Instead, the reports will be generated directly from the live data in your Greenplum database. By this, your reports will be real-time over the data in Greenplum.

Key features to redefine your Greenplum data with Zoho Analytics

  • Incremental Fetch

    Incremental Fetch

    With all the data getting frequently updated, you can import only the new and updated data into Zoho Analytics.

  • Visual Analytics

    Robust Visualization

    Zoho Analytics offers a wide range of visualization options to view your reports. You can use widgets, tables, charts, and more.

  • Collaborative Analytics

    Advanced Analytics

    With technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing, you can get quick insights from your data. Perform what-if and predictive analysis, forecast future trends, and set smart data alerts.

  • Scalability

    Data Security

    Have greater control over your data with our enterprise grade data security. Zoho Analytics ensures the safety and accountability of your data.

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