Simplify your data and amplify your insights with Zoho Analytics

Progress OpenEdge is a relational database management system developed by Progress Software Corporation, to build dynamic, scalable, and secure business applications. It offers a comprehensive database management capability to support the development and deployment of applications, performance, and data security.

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Extract crucial business insights

Harness the combination of Progress OpenEdge and Zoho Analytics to transform your data into insights

With Progress OpenEdges' open database capabilities and Zoho Analytics' advanced visualization and reporting tools, you can analyze your data in just a few clicks. By this integration, you can derive actionable insights, drive your business forward, and optimize operations to enable data driven decision-making.

Data import

Easy Integrations

Import your OpenEdge database in just a few steps and also from other various data sources to get in-depth analysis of your data.

Data Preparation

Transform your Raw Data

By using Zoho Analytics' in-built data preparation tool, perform tasks like cleaning, transforming, and enriching your raw data to get clear reports.

Data Blending

Unified analytics

Blend data from your OpenEdge database and various other sources and apps to create reports and dashboards.

Live Connect

Set up a live connection

You can create reports using the live data in your database, without storing it in Zoho Analytics servers.

How will this integration benefit you?

  • Incremental Fetch

    Data Visualization

    With Zoho Analytics' powerful visualization tools, create interactive reports and dashboards. Identify trends, patterns, and outliers more easily.

  • Visual Analytics

    Predictive Analytics

    Zoho Analytics provides advanced analytical capabilities including predictive and conversational analytics. Analyze historical data from OpenEdge database to predict and forecast future trends.

  • Collaborative Analytics

    Scalability and Flexibility

    As your data grows, Zoho Analytics scales with the growing data. It can handle huge volumes of data along with the flexibility of modelling data.

  • Scalability

    Data Security

    Zoho Analytics provides enterprise grade security to keep your data safe and secure, including support for backup, confidentiality, and privacy.

Analyze your OpenEdge data with Zoho Analytics

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