Go beyond numbers and boundaries with your Denodo data using Zoho Analytics

Denodo is a data virtualization platform that focuses on integrating and delivering data which uses a logical approach for data integration and management. Zoho Analytics is self-service BI (Business Intelligence) and analytics platform which helps you analyze your Denodo data through visually appealing dashboards, and discover hidden insights in minutes.

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How Denodo and Zoho Analytics collaborate to provide increased value

While Denodo specializes in data integration and virtualization, Zoho Analytics is focused on data analysis and visualization. Denodo provides unified data views and integration capabilities, while Zoho Analytics enables users to analyze and gain insights from the integrated data in Denodo. Thus, they complement each other within a data management and analytics environment.

Here's how Zoho Analytics can assist in the analysis of your data hosted on Denodo

  • Data preparation

    Data preparation

    With the self-service data preparation and management capabilities present within Zoho Analytics (through Zoho DataPrep), get your raw data cleansed, transformed, and enriched, for an effortless and enhanced analysis.

  • Data visualization

    Data visualization

    With the imported data, visually analyze it by creating insightful and interactive reports and dashboards, using the easy drag-and-drop interface of Zoho Analytics.

  • Revolutionize your analytics with AI&ML capabilities

    Revolutionize your analytics with AI&ML capabilities

    Boosted with AI&ML capabilities such as conversational analytics, automated insights, and cognitive analytics, get advanced reports for deep understanding.

  • Customization and collaboration

    Customization and collaboration

    Users can enhance their analytical experience with the help of robust customization and collaboration tools available within Zoho Analytics.

Here are a few examples illustrating how businesses across different sectors can benefit from the combined use of Denodo and Zoho Analytics

  • Biotech and Pharma

    Revolutionize healthcare, tailor medications, and offer targeted therapies for improved outcomes.

  • Manufacturing

    Improve product quality, customer satisfaction, and increase revenue growth.

  • Insurance

    Uncover fraudulent activities, examine market trends, and make well-informed investment choices.

  • Financial services

    Provide efficient risk management, compliance, customer management, and fraud detection.

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From Raw Data to Rich Decisions

Use Zoho Analytics to crunch and analyze your Denodo data.

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