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How Amazon Redshift and Zoho Analytics bring value together

Amazon Redshift and Zoho Analytics together offer a tremendous business value for you. The combination of these two modern technologies can help you in analyzing big datasets effortlessly. Redshift’s quick data processing, when paired with Zoho Analytics’ ability to visualize any data and gain insights quickly, helps you make better informed business decisions, backed by solid data.

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Live Connect

Set up a live connection with your Redshift database

Zoho Analytics offers a Live Connect feature that allows you to create live data visualizations. This means that your data will not be stored in Zoho Analytics servers, and your reports will always be up-to-date with the latest data from your Redshift database.

Data Flow

Seamless data preparation

Zoho Analytics includes a built-in data preparation tool that you can use inline when you import the data. You can cleanse, model, transform, enrich, and blend data from multiple sources. This makes it easy to get your data ready for analysis.

500+ Integrations

Connect to multiple sources and blend data

Zoho Analytics supports 500+ integrations, so you can connect data from a variety of sources, including your CRM, ERP, and marketing platforms. This allows you to model and blend data from multiple sources, and to do a complete holistic analysis.

Connecting Redshift with Zoho Analytics helps you to

Keep your data safer

Zoho Analytics uses industry-leading security measures to protect your data. Like providing https connection, and encrypting your personal data at rest. This ensures that your data is safe and secure.

Make decisions every second

Connect Redshift live with Zoho Analytics using Live Connect and be updated on your reports.

Forecast your future probabilities

Analyze the behavior of data trends and predict the expected results using the forecasting feature in Zoho Analytics.

Share and collaborate easier

Share the dashboards and reports with your peers, and take informed decisions.

Amazon QuickSight and Zoho Analytics

While Amazon QuickSight provides a swift solution, Zoho Analytics distinguishes itself by delivering robust analytics capabilities, empowering you to analyze your data with enhanced efficiency and depth.

  • Functions

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  • Import from email

    Can import data directly from email file attachments.

    Not available

  • White-labeling and Embedding

    Fully featured BI embedding with logo, URL and login page rebranding or customization.

    Limited embedding features

  • Data Storytelling

    Data Storytelling using slideshows and advanced slideshow powered by Zoho Show

    Not available

  • Data Forecasting

    Customizable, AI-powered forecasting options.


  • Conversational Analytics & Virtual Assistant

    Build reports by making conversation with our virtual assistant "Ask Zia".

    Not available

Our Customer love us

Connor Nobert
Connor Nobert

Director of Analytics and Technology, Pulse LLC

"Zoho Analytics gives us a superior edge over Power BI and Tableau, when it comes to the aesthetics of visualization. ‌Also, the 5.0 features are a big step forward for an already robust Zoho Analytics platform. ‌With Zoho DataPrep, we're now looking to streamline our ETL processes and move towards a leaner ETL framework. We're very happy with Zoho’s capability."

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