VAT Payments

This help guide is for the UK edition of Zoho Books only.

In Zoho Books, we offer you two methods to generate and file your VAT returns. You can generate VAT returns and:

  1. submit them at HMRC separately
  2. submit VAT Returns directly from Zoho Books

If you’ve chosen to submit your VAT returns offline, you should know how to record your VAT payment and VAT reclaims.

On the other hand, if you’ve chosen to submit your VAT returns directly through Zoho Books, you should match the VAT payments details from HMRC.

Note: The option to submit VAT returns directly from Zoho Books is applicable only for businesses that have signed up for MTD.

Recording VAT Payment and VAT Reclaim

The complete VAT return report generated from VAT return module under Reports > Taxes will be helpful during your VAT return filing. The report will be in accordance with your VAT accounting period and the transactions recorded in Zoho Books. Once you file your VAT return to HMRC, you can mark the generated VAT return report as filed. After you’ve paid the VAT amount to the HMRC, record the VAT paid in Zoho Books. Also record the VAT amount reclaimed from HMRC.

VAT Payment Dues

To Record VAT Payment

VAT Payment

To Record VAT Reclaim

VAT Reclaim

All the VAT Payments or Reclaims that you record will be displayed in the Payment History. You can delete/edit your records in the payments history tab to record it again with modifications if any.

VAT Payment History

Match VAT Payments From HMRC

Zoho Books fetches the payments details from the HMRC and you can match them with the corresponding return.

Note: If you’ve chosen to generate and submit VAT returns through Zoho Books, you will not be able to record or reclaim payments manually in Zoho Books.

You should manually fetch payments from the HMRC to import them into Zoho Books. To fetch payments:

VAT Payments

Once your payments have been imported to Zoho Books, you will be able to match payments and claims with the returns .

Match VAT Payments From HMRC with the returns

VAT Payments

In the Match Payment with Return pop up, select the corresponding VAT return from the options available in the dropdown.

In the next window,

Match VAT due payments with Returns

VAT Payments VAT Payments VAT Payments
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