The Ecommerce Product Photography Guidebook

When a customer can't touch a product, photos and videos are all they have to go on. That's why product photography is key to creating a thriving ecommerce store.


Introduction to Product Photography

In the first ebook of this series—Building Your Ecommerce Website—we walked you through the groundwork of setting up your site, including the... Read more

DIY Product Photography: Getting Your Equipment Together

If you’ve read our introduction to product photography, you’re probably clear by now about whether you’re going to outsource your product images... Read more

How to Take Product Photographs that Score Conversions

When we left you at the end of the last section, we recommended that you spend some time looking around—and getting inspired by—the product images... Read more

Editing Product Images for Your Ecommerce Site

As a general business practice, we wouldn’t advise staunchly maintaining “perfection” as a goal: Otherwise, you’ll never bring your product to... Read more

Best Practices for Optimizing Your Product Images

Over the last few sections, we’ve offered you a primer on ecommerce product photography—from the equipment you’ll need to take strong product... Read more

Examples of Great Ecommerce Product Photography

Over the course of this ebook, we’ve given you the tools and the knowledge to get started on your product photography journey. We’ve discussed the... Read more