Transactional emails for banking, finance and insurance services

With the digitization of financial services, the importance of multiple communication channels with your customers has vastly increased. Among these, transactional emails act as an acknowledgement to important actions and are the most crucial. Your customers are waiting for these and the benefit of delivering them well is multi-fold.

  • Constant communication
  • Build customer trust
  • Easy access to data
  • Monitor account security
  • Customer retention
Transactional emails for banking, finance and insurance services
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Why is ZeptoMail the best service for you?

Flexible pricing.

Along with being among the most affordable services, ZeptoMail also has a flexible pay-as-you-go pricing plan that runs on a credit system. Instead of being locked in by monthly subscriptions, you can buy email credits that are valid for six months. You buy more credits only when you need them.

Estimate your cost

10000 mails

1 credit = 10,000 emails

*Each credit is valid up to 6 months from purchase

for 10000 transactional emails

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Speedy delivery

Transactional emails in the finance sector are more time sensitive than those of any other industry. With exclusive focus on transactional emails, our platform is optimized for fast delivery. ZeptoMail's delivery time proves that it is the best platform to get your emails to your customers on time, every time.

Delivery Time






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Data-driven insights into every email

into every email

A comprehensive email log section and reports page provide detailed insight into every email you send.

Segment your emails as you wish

your emails as
you wish

ZeptoMail allows you to group your transactional emails into Mail Agents with unique STMP/API credentials, reports, emails logs etc.

Templates that save you time

that save you

Choose from the pre-built templates or build your own templates from scratch to avoid writing the same email over and over again.

Security-first approach

Being a Zoho application, data security has been one of the cornerstones of ZeptoMail since its inception. We have multiple layers of industry-standard security measures in place for data center security, email security, data encryption, access security and more, to ensure utmost safety of your information.

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