Mail Agents in ZeptoMail

Mail Agents—the way to clutter-free transactional email sending. Group your emails as you wish and segment the email sending.


Say hi to Aryan, Leonard, and Nikki! They all use ZeptoMail for their transactional email sending, but how do they use it?

Restaurant1 Restaurant2 Restaurant3


Multi-chain Restaurateur

Aryan manages three online food delivery applications for his three different restaurants serving Indian, Middle Eastern, and Italian cuisine. With online orders pouring in for all three restaurants, he uses ZeptoMail to send out transactional emails from the three applications.

Mail Agents in ZeptoMail Mail Agents in ZeptoMail



Leonard runs an e-commerce site selling men’s clothing. He uses ZeptoMail to send out different types of transactional emails from the site: welcome emails, password reset emails, order confirmations, order tracking emails, and more.

Mail Agents in ZeptoMail Mail Agents in ZeptoMail Mail Agents in ZeptoMail


App Developer

Nikki is an app developer building an application for a homemade cupcake store. She has integrated ZeptoMail with the app to send out transactional emails from different environments and stages of the app building: testing, staging, development, deployment, and more.

What if they had to manage all these emails in a single group and view all their email logs cluttered in one place? Sounds confusing and distracting, right?

That’s why we have Mail Agents!

Create multiple Mail Agents in ZeptoMail to group emails by type, application, purpose, environment, and more. You can categorize emails and view Mail Agent specific information whenever you need, as well as get a streamlined overview of all your Mail Agents from a single place.

Unique SMTP/API credentials

Each Mail Agent comes with unique SMTP credentials, API token, and integration configurations. You will be able to control and manage each Mail Agent’s email sending using these credentials.

Unique SMTP/API credentials Unique SMTP/API credentials

Control the access

Not everyone in your team needs access to every email. With Mail Agents, you can choose which user has view, read, or write access to each of your email groups.

Control the access

Associate your domains

Add your email sending domains and associate them with Mail Agents. You can add and manage multiple domains in ZeptoMail and simply associate a domain with the Mail Agent of your choice to ensure the domain is only used to send certain emails.

Associate your domains Associate your domains

Focused reports and logs

Unique credentials let you view focused reports and logs for each Mail Agent. With separate email logs for each email group, troubleshooting becomes an easier, more efficient process.

Focused reports and logs

Choose to track emails

Some emails may require email tracking while others may not. With ZeptoMail, you can enable email tracking for select Mail Agents, and even add a custom tracking domain for each Mail Agent.

Choose to track emails

Email templates and attachment

You can create email templates inside every Mail Agent to use while sending emails. Along with templates, you can also upload frequent attachments as files so you don’t need to upload them each time.

Email templates and attachment