DNS Configuration Details

The instructions to add DNS records may vary slightly depending on the Domain providers. You can view detailed DNS record addition instructions for some popular DNS providers here: 


SPF and DKIM in ZeptoMail

Sender Policy Framework/ SPF is an email validation system, to find out spoofed/ forged emails. While DKIM is an authentication method, which uses email encryption to validate emails. You have to add SPF and DKIM record for the domains you associate with Mail Agents in ZeptoMail. These records are used to verify the domain you have added.

CNAME in ZeptoMail

CNAME verification is used in two places in ZeptoMail.

  • You are required to add CNAME record for the domain that is used to create your bounce address. Details of all your bounced transactional emails from ZeptoMail will be sent to the bounce address.
  • You also have to add CNAME record to verify the domain you use to enable Email tracking for Mail Agents in ZeptoMail.