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Work as we know it has evolved. Gone are the days when employees only worked the 9-5 schedule, wore a suit and tie, and conformed to traditional office norms. The modern workplace is more flexible, dynamic, and team-centric. Employees collaborate across multiple locations, and every team member has an individual sense of responsibility.

Keeping pace with the changing workplace means the tools we use need to evolve too. This is why we built WorkDrive—to fit right into a team-driven work environment.

Zoho WorkDrive is an online file storage and content collaboration platform for modern teams, small businesses, and large enterprises. Whether you have three users or more than 3000, WorkDrive helps you easily organize and manage all your files without having to learn an overly complicated interface.

With its collaborative workspaces, WorkDrive supports a horizontal organizational structure, putting people at the center of your working culture. It also presents a modern interface with secure team folders, granular access controls, and a built-in office suite. Our aim is to enable quicker access to information, so employees can make timely decisions and get more done. Simply put, WorkDrive makes the right information available to the right people at the right time.

Here are some WorkDrive highlights:

Team Folders: a new way to work together

A Team Folder is a shared workspace that eliminates the drawbacks of traditional file sharing. Files added to a Team Folder are readily available to everyone on the team. Team members can access these files based on their roles and permissions, which can be assigned and updated by the Team Folder admin. Each Team Folder also has an unread section that alerts members about new file activities, so they spend less time catching up and more getting work done.

Built-in office suite and mobile apps

WorkDrive comes with native mobile apps for iOS and Android and a fully-featured office suite that includes Zoho’s world-class spreadsheet, word processing, and presentation apps: Sheet, Writer, and Show. This makes it possible to create sophisticated documents—like contracts, financial plans, and marketing presentations—in a snap without leaving your WorkDrive workspace.

Secure external file sharing

Zoho WorkDrive facilitates file sharing with external stakeholders, while still helping your team retain complete control over your information. Create multiple links to share the same file with different people or groups outside the organization. Secure these links with access controls, passwords download restrictions, and expiration dates. You can even request the recipient’s information as a prerequisite to viewing the file, as well as track the number of views and downloads for these links.

Delegation of administrative responsibilities

Team management can be divided at the team and Team Folder levels, so it doesn’t have to rest completely on a single person’s shoulders. The team administrator can delegate responsibilities at the team level by granting admin roles to other members. Every Team Folder works independently and can have multiple administrators. Team admins can also view, filter, and monitor all activities at the Team Folder and team levels through the activities timeline.

The ability to work together better is baked into WorkDrive. We’ve included a range of robust collaboration tools, such as drafting, notifications, commenting, and activity tracking, so teams have everything they need right inside their file management system. The WorkDrive desktop app even lets you sync files to multiple devices, edit them offline, and perform complete or selective syncs to the cloud.

Prior approaches to cloud storage and sharing were built around an individual user.

At Zoho, however, we quietly went about reinventing this category. Rather than tacking on collaboration features to a product designed for personal use, we’ve built WorkDrive from the ground up to provide every organization—from small businesses to enterprises—with the best content collaboration platform for their teams.

Make work happen with Zoho WorkDrive!

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