The importance of cloud security in remote work culture

  • Last Updated : December 15, 2023
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Many large companies comprise geographically distributed teams, and most of their employees are working remotely these days. As remote work becomes more and more common, cloud technology has created a virtual workspace for teams to collaborate.

Companies shifting to remote work structure must reframe their security policies and procedures to protect their cloud-based infrastructure, applications, and data. To do this, many organizations are migrating to advanced cloud management databases that counter modern security issues.

Cloud management platforms need modern tools with secure configurations to maintain their remote workforce. That's exactly what WorkDrive offers. Zoho WorkDrive is an advanced cloud document management system that simplifies the security challenges faced by organizations these days.

WorkDrive's security features:

  • Extra layer of security

Two-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security to your account. When enabled, users have to provide two or more credentials to authenticate their identity. Two-factor authentication uses one-time password (OTP) technology, such as hardware tokens, biometrics, time, and location.

  • Access regulation

Access control protects business information from unauthorized users and ensures data availability to authorized employees. It enables organizations to track and restrict device access and even wipe data remotely if needed. This guarantees no company data is replicated, transferred, or breached from an unknown personal or public device.

  • Modern virtual barriers

Cloud firewalls are network security devices deployed in the cloud. Advanced firewalls track information exchange between source domains and data ports, and allow or block data based on regulatory compliance to thwart potential threats. These firewalls form a virtual barrier around cloud assets, just as traditional firewalls form a barrier around an organization's internal network.

  • Intrusion scanner

An intrusion detection system (IDS) is an application that scans a network for unauthorized access or compliance violations. Any breach is typically reported or collected centrally using a management system.

  • Secret codes

Cloud encryption is the process of encoding data before it is transferred to cloud storage. Encryption uses mathematical algorithms to convert data (plaintext) to an unreadable form (ciphertext) and ensure data protection.

WorkDrive's servers and clients are connected through a secure sockets layer (SSL) and protected with an RSA-based 2048-bit encryption key.

As remote workers often rely on their own internet networks and connected devices to access company data on the cloud, working from home poses inherent risks and puts the organization's sensitive data at risk.  

Data is a valuable asset to any business and should be protected at any cost. That's why WorkDrive focuses on information security. With WorkDrive, you can provide secure, reliable data access to your organization.

Most home networks are not as secure as an organization network. Multiple devices are connected to an individual network. Damage or breach on a particular device can affect the entire connection.

WorkDrive complies with industry security standards like ISO 27001 and SOC 2 (Service Organization Control) Type II. These security features are built-in and natively integrated with WorkDrive to ensure security at physical, logical, and data levels.

Remote work is a rising trend that likely will not slow down in the near future. Companies need a secure cloud platform to ensure business continuity. Data security is always the key to survival for any organization. Choosing the correct cloud management system is the first step to ensure seamless and secure data accessibility.

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