More than caring: Data sharing in business today

  • Last Updated : December 15, 2023
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Sharing generally means the combined usage of a resource or space. It enables you to use something at the same time as someone else. However, in an organization, sharing is primarily focused on data. Information is shared within a team, across departments, and with external collaborators. 

Data is the driving force of any company. From inspiration execution, every department is dependent on information. Sharing enables an even distribution of your data at all stages of development and helps push the organization forward.

Why is sharing important in the modern workplace?

Having constant access to information is essential in today's fast-paced environment. Data should be readily available to the whole team and not only when requested. Efficient data sharing ensures file accessibility across your organization. 

To enable teams to work seamlessly, it is essential to ensure information is streamlined across departments. This will facilitate better cross-functional collaboration and improve the overall performance of the company.

This is, in part, why cloud management systems have taken center stage in the world of file storage and data sharing, as it enables multi-functional communication within the entire company. These modern document management solutions have made remote work and external client communication possible these days.

If your company wants to explore a safer, more efficient way to share data, you'll need a tool that offers a collaborative workspace with optimum storage and secure sharing options. That's exactly what WorkDrive is: a cloud file management platform that provides easy sharing options and high-grade security with robust features like granular access.

Many companies are shifting their focus from individual to team-centric work culture. In most of today's business world, employees have to collaborate within their team seamlessly. Multi-channel communication has replaced one-way communication, and just sending a document over email is not enough for most organizations these days.

Working within your team on WorkDrive

A team needs space to accommodate its members and collaborate with them on specific projects. WorkDrive's Team Folder is that shared space where you can add members from your company and assign access levels. The files created in a Team Folder are automatically available to your team members, enabling secure, streamlined collaboration. You can create multiple Team Folders based on the projects and add specific members to work together.

In most organizations, employees tend to collaborate with other departments to solve customer issues, internal problems, examine trends, analyze competition, or exercise new strategies. Information sharing provides them with the data and resources they need to carry out those activities.

Working across departments on WorkDrive

Share documents with members from other teams with granular access levels and collaborate with them in real-time, receive instant updates about edits, and track changes.

Organizations need to collaborate with external clients and business partners to pursue shared goals and ensure quality project deliverables. Any compromise in the data shared among them will affect the reputation of the company.

Working with external stakeholders on WorkDrive

External sharing with WorkDrive is something interesting. You can create a customized URL with features like password protection, enable or disable downloads, set an expiration date for your document, and check the share analytics from the Access Stats tab.

Administer shared data

If sensitive business data, such as customer information, financial records, and legal documents, ends up in the wrong hands, there can be severe consequences.

With WorkDrive, you can easily determine whether a file has been shared within your organization or externally, and access details about the individuals with whom the file has been shared.

Data security and its longevity can decide the long-term outlook of an organization. Does your company use the proper tools to share documents securely and manage them? If your answer is no, it is probably time your company does that in the first place. Identify your challenges, and the solution comes from within.  

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