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  • Introducing Collect Files: securely request documents from anyone, right from WorkDrive

Introducing Collect Files: securely request documents from anyone, right from WorkDrive

  • Last Updated : December 12, 2023
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Managing files can be tiresome at times, especially when you have multiple documents simultaneously cycling through your inbox. Luckily, you skip sorting through the emails, downloading, and organizing these documents manually—simply use the Collect Files feature and leave the rest to WorkDrive. 

Announcing WorkDrive's "Collect Files" function, a secure way to request documents from anyone. Create custom upload links, choose a folder location to organize uploaded files, set deadlines for submissions, and much more using Zoho WorkDrive. 

With the Collect Files feature, you can:

- Easily receive large files or any document format 

- Get documents from anyone, whether they have a WorkDrive account or not  

- Ensure individuals uploading files will not have access to your account or any files within the folder

- Store, organize and  manage all the uploaded files right within WorkDrive 

Here are a few examples of how different teams and industries can benefit from the Collect Files feature. 

1. Human Resources: Consolidating documents from new hires is now easier than ever. The HR team can create a Collection for the upload and customize it to fit their needs. They can decide to directly store employee documents within the HR Team Folder, giving the relevant team members access to files when they are uploaded. 

2. Education/Training: Efficiently manage homework, test papers, and project reports using WorkDrive. Students can now submit their assignments online from anywhere. You can set deadlines, request student details on submission, and ensure they don't have access to assignments uploaded by their peers. 

3. Digital publishing: Welcome ideas from different parts of the world. WorkDrive's Collect Files feature is a smart way to streamline content submission or blog entries from guest writers. 

4. Project management: Any input a client shares is essential when taking a project forward. Overlooking client feedback sitting in your email or system can be a huge liability. Bring all data shared by your client directly into the relevant project Team Folders. This way, information from clients is organized in a single place, making it available to all project stakeholders. 

5. Manufacturing: Get vendors to upload monthly invoices and bill copies right into WorkDrive. This makes tackling purchases much more straightforward. You can set a file upload limit to keep tabs on storage as well. 

With WorkDrive, you no longer have to worry about long, confusing email threads and data security while sharing. Manage information at every stage of your business process and smartly organize your files in a unified system. 

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