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  • New WorkDrive enhancements for effective team management

New WorkDrive enhancements for effective team management

  • Last Updated : December 12, 2023
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Cloud migration is either a reality or a near-future goal for most organizations these days. Modern challenges need modern solutions, so WorkDrive is introducing new intuitive features to keep businesses up-to-date and support organizations in adapting to the latest trends.

The new features in our Admin Console give you a comprehensive overview of your team's activities and more options to secure your data and organize your team better.

Take control of your organization's data 

Manage your devices

With the increased use of mobile devices and the sudden growth of cloud technology, more companies are allowing employees to use their own personal devices to access corporate data. Although this practice provides flexibility, it also poses security threats to the business.

Many organizations have started encouraging the BYOD (Bring your own device), model, which means they must keep constant tabs on their employees' device usage to ensure data security. This is why WorkDrive has introduced the "Manage Devices" capability.

Now, you can manage all employee devices connected with your WorkDrive account. Oversee and secure your corporate information, geotrack team devices, and remote-wipe sensitive data in case of loss or theft.

Data retention policy

Data management is not just about managing files within Team Folders or My Folder space. It includes managing deleted files as well. In fact, many of us fail to notice when a significant amount of our storage space is taken up by our trashed data. To tackle this issue, WorkDrive has introduced team-level data retention policies where you can manage your deleted files and save storage space.

Choose whether you want to keep the deleted files from My Folders and Team Folders indefinitely or delete them after 7, 15, or 30 days. As an extra layer of security, files and folders deleted from the Trash will be temporarily moved to Deleted Items in the Admin Console before they are permanently deleted.

For Deleted Items in the Admin Console, you can choose whether you want to permanently delete them after 7, 30, 90, or 120 days.

Enhance your document search

Easily search for and find your WorkDrive files in seconds. Search using the file or folder name, or with document keywords. WorkDrive now supports Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Object Detection to broaden the scope of the searches and accelerate data discovery.

Now, you can add an additional OCR search language for your files in WorkDrive. In addition to your default language, you can choose an OCR language for searching text within images.

Roles and Permissions

Control WorkDrive Apps access

Allow or restrict access to company data from desktops and mobile devices for your entire team or a particular user.

WorkDrive is introducing two types of app permissions:

1. You can allow or restrict team member use of WorkDrive Sync and TrueSync apps to access your organization files.

2. You can allow or restrict team member use of WorkDrive mobile apps for Android and iOS devices to access your corporate data.

When both Desktop Sync and mobile apps are disabled, your team members can only use the web app to access files.

The secure collaborative space

WorkDrive's Private Team Folder is a secure communal space for your team to collaborate on tasks specific to a particular department or project. Only team members who have been added to Private Team Folders can collaborate on the files and folders stored inside.

With our new feature, you can set permission managing who can create a Private Team Folder on your team. This means you can decide whether only an admin or anyone on the team can create a Private Team Folder.

Secure your embedded files

Create embed codes for your files with WorkDrive to add them to web pages or social media platforms. These embedded codes will reflect the same content, media, or document on the user's web page as the source file, even when the file has been updated.

With WorkDrive embed codes, you can decide whether anyone on the internet can download and print your embedded files and media. You can choose to allow or restrict permission to users with our new share feature.

Build your brand

Strengthen your brand and professional appearance to your clients and customers with WorkDrive's customizable domain option. Customize your WorkDrive URL with your brand's domain name, and share files and download links with your company name on them.

Data management is the key to success for any organization. You need the right tool to manage your data according to the current expectations of the corporate world. Choosing the appropriate solution ensures business continuity and helps improve the long-term outlook of your company.

Team administration made simple: Manage your company's data and security with WorkDrive.

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