Zoho Inventory



  1. How to create an invoice?
  2. How do invoices work?
  3. I am adding tax to the items, will the tax be calculated on each item when I invoice my customer?
  4. Can I edit the invoices that I have already sent?
  5. How do I turn off/on auto generation of invoice numbers?
  6. How do I import/export invoices?
  7. Is it possible to create a single invoice for multiple sales orders?
  8. How is instant invoice different from creating a normal invoice?
  9. How do I show the Tax Summary Table on my invoices?

Invoice Payments

  1. How to I record payments made by my customers?
  2. Can I charge my customer from Zoho Inventory?
  3. I want to provide discounts at invoice level. Can I?
  4. How can I import and export invoice payments?
  5. How do I send thank you notes to my customers as soon as they pay for an invoice?
  6. Can I receive partial payments for an invoice?