Zoho Inventory



  1. How to create a bill?
  2. How do bills work?
  3. How do I import/export bills?
  4. How do I monitor the status of my bills?
  5. How do I create a single bill from multiple purchase orders?
  6. Can I pay a bill partially?
  7. How do I add attachments to bills?
  8. Why can’t I auto generate bill numbers in Zoho Inventory?
  9. How do I print and download my bills as PDF?
  10. Can I create purchase receives from bills?
  11. How do I convert purchase receives to bills?
  12. How do I create a duplicate of the bill I created?
  13. How can I add landed costs to Bills in Zoho Inventory?

Bill payments

  1. How do I record my bill payments?
  2. How do I manage vendor credits?