Zoho Inventory


How do I import/export bills?

Importing a bill

To import a Bill, follow this route map:

  • Go to Bills tab by clicking on the Bills option in the side bar.
  • Click on the Menu button to the right hand top corner of the bills page.

Image of the menu icon drop down with import options highlighted

  • Choose the import bills option from the drop down.

screen shot of import page of bills

  • A new page where you can import a bill in .CSV or .TSV format opens up.
  • Choose the file and select the type of character encoding as applicable. By default the character encoding will be UTF-8 Unicode.
  • Select the File Delimiter.(comma or semicolon)
  • Click on the Next button, to proceed to mapping the fields of the Bill.

screen shot of mapping fields page

  • By default, Zoho Inventory maps the closely similar and related fields.
  • You can also manually map any field or alter any already mapped field.
  • Click Next to proceed to preview the import.
  • Check if there are skipped records or unmapped fields and do the needful.
  • Click on the Import button to successfully import the bills.
screen shot of preview
Exporting bills from Zoho Inventory

To export bills, follow this route map:

  • Go to the Bills tab
  • Click on the Menu button that is situated in the right top corner.
  • Choose the Export Bills option from the drop down.

screen shot of the Menu icon highlighting the export bills option

  • A new page, with all options to export bills, opens up.
  • Configure, how you wish to export your bills.
  • Click on the Export button, to successfully export your bills.

Screen shot of the export bills page