Zoho Inventory


How to create a bill?

To create a bill in Zoho Inventory,

  • Go to the Bills tab.
  • Click on the quick create ‘+’ icon near Bills on the side bar or +New button on top of the Bills page.

Screen shot of bill creation buttons

  • Enter the required information such as the bill number and vendor towards whom the bill is payable.
  • Hit Save.


  • Go to the Contacts tab and select the vendor to whom money is owed.
  • Click on New Transaction.
  • Choose the option Bill.
  • Enter the required details and hit Save to create the bill.

screen shot of creating bills from contacts

From Purchase Order

A purchase order that is in the Issued status can be converted to a bill. To do so:

  • Navigate to the preferred Purchase order.
  • Click on the More button.
  • Select the option Convert to bill.
  • You can also create a bill by clicking on the Bills tab inside the purchase order and choosing the New Bill option.
  • All the details such as the vendor name and items list will be auto filled.

screen shot of creating bills from purchase orders