Scrum Software: An Online Tool for Agile Teams

Strong scrum software helps agile teams organize user stories, manage product backlogs, and track progress on scrum boards. It's a simple and clutter-free tool that allows teams to focus on producing quality work.

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The right scrum tool makes all the difference

Our online scrum board comes with customizable fields, priorities and labels that let you tailor your board to your exact specifications. Get the satisfaction of dragging your work items across the board as your projects are completed. 

Scrum board software - Zoho Sprints

Well-planned is half done

Our scrum backlog helps you prioritize your work so you can be sure your sprint plan has all the right work items you need to stay on track.

Scrum software tools - Zoho Sprints

Numbers don't lie

Between velocity charts, burn-down charts, and cumulative flow diagrams, we've got it all. Find out where and how you can improve using our Reports module.

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Plan your sprint with a scrum tool

The sprint retrospective is a time for encouragement as well as critical evaluation. Sprint planning meetings help the team determine the sprint goal and the user stories for their backlog. Face-to-face meetings are a crucial part of the Agile process, and our Meetings module helps you realize these benefits.

Online scrum software - Zoho Sprints

Get a big picture of your scrum projects

Visual representation makes life easier for all of us. Keep an eye on who is doing what, where and when. Watch as the different facets of your project unfold into donut charts and activity graphs. 

Agile scrum project management - Zoho Sprints

Don't forget to get paid

As you bask in your productivity, don't forget to log your work hours. Keep track of the billable and non-billable hours you spend on each sprint.

Scrum project management software - Zoho Sprints

Ship fast. Ship right.

Plan your releases and track your progress with our release reports. Our release management module coupled with our Jenkins integration will ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Release management reports - Zoho Sprints

Zoho Sprints supports the Scrum framework

Scrum project management proposes releasing your product in iterative sprints, giving you the freedom to frequently and easily evaluate where your project is headed. Online agile scrum software encourages effective communication and sprint review meetings to help make sure you're building the products your customers really want.

Stay ready for change.

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Scrum Software Decoded

What is scrum?

Scrum is a flexible and adaptive method of project management that gives teams the freedom to collaborate and react to shifting needs and input. It places a strong emphasis on continuous development by implementing regular retrospectives and using empirical data to inform choices.

What is scrum software?

Scrum software is a visual management tool that makes it easy for agile teams to track important project details, address complex problems, and adopt iterative solutions, all while creating high-value products. Scrum software uses agile methodology to help development teams monitor iterative and incremental processes.

Who uses a scrum tool?

A product owner or scrum master uses a scrum tool, along with agile project management techniques, to lead development teams and organize the backlog for ongoing projects. Anyone with an end product that requires an iterative approach can adopt a scrum tool.

Why is a scrum tool important for agile project management?

The Agile Scrum tool supports the integration of the Scrum framework in project management. With this tool, teams can build high-quality products, adopt to rapidly changing business objectives, create and provide estimates to stakeholders, and gain control over the timeline and state of their project.

What are the key features of online scrum software?

An online scrum tool should help remote teams collaborate from anywhere. It helps team members organize and prioritize the product backlog, as well as plan projects, epics, and releases. An online scrum tool also enables teams to visualize project progress with graphs and other pictorial representation. Each team member can access the shared visual interface, which displays the planned, ongoing, blocked, and accomplished tasks of all users.

Why is Zoho Sprints the best scrum software?

From reports, custom view creation, a collaborative project feed, timesheets, and more, Zoho Sprints offers a comprehensive solution that can help you run your entire scrum process.

Robust software doesn't have to come with bulky user manuals, training sessions, or an unnecessarily long setup time. We crafted an intuitive user interface and a seamless user experience without compromising on functionality.

Zoho Sprints is a lightweight, flexible tool that can benefit all types of teams: large or small, IT or non-IT, seasoned sprinters or beginners.