7 productivity-boosting presentation features in Zoho Show

  • Last Updated : April 27, 2023
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7 productivity-boosting presentation features in Zoho Show

Without the proper features, collaboration can be one of the biggest challenges of the presentation creation process. Communication and collaboration are essential for team productivity, so it is crucial to choose a presentation software that makes them a priority. Some key productivity-boosting features for presentation software include customizable templates, contextual formatting, seamless sharing, and integrations.

These functionalities help users create professional-looking slides without relying on third-party software for designing and sharing presentations. Here are seven Zoho Show features that can boost your team's productivity.

1. Share as a link or invite using an email address: Sharing a presentation as an email attachment usually leads to back-and-forth messages and a prolonged feedback process. Users may also end up with multiple versions of the same file, as email does not facilitate real-time collaboration. With Show, every edit a collaborator makes is auto-saved in the same file. Share presentations internally with your team, or externally with your business associates. You can send them a link or invite them to review the presentation using their email addresses.


2. Notify users with tags: When you have multiple collaborators and you want to notify a specific user about a change, you can do so by tagging them. To tag a collaborator, simply type "@" followed by the user's name. This way, the right people will never miss a comment and will be informed instantly of changes that need to be implemented.

3. Add hyperlinks and images: Comments are a great way to provide feedback and discuss individual elements (like images, text, shapes, and charts) of a slide. Contextual commenting is a key feature in Show, as it helps users convey ideas about every design element in the slide. Replace long explanations in your comments by adding visual references, or hyperlinks to redirect teammates to an online source.

4. Lock slides, check in, and check out: Users can secure their content and prevent modifications by other collaborators by locking a slide, or any section within a slide. This is helpful when sharing a presentation that is a work-in-progress, with data that is not ready to be modified. To secure an entire presentation, use the Check Out feature to prevent collaborators from viewing real-time changes. When you want your edits to be made available to your collaborators, use the Check In feature.

5. Add-on store: Using visuals is a great way to enhance the look of your slides and convey ideas efficiently. But navigating between websites to locate the right visuals, check for copyrights, and download and upload your selections can be time consuming and tedious. With Show's collection of add-ons, users can add visuals to their slides without relying on third-party websites.

6. Pick from WorkDrive: If you're a WorkDrive user, then you can add files to your slide directly from your organization's folders. Eliminate the multiple steps of switching tabs, navigating folders, and choosing files manually. Add images to your slides straight from a Team Folder using the Pick from WorkDrive feature.

7. Zoho Show Libraries: This is a central repository where you can store all your organization's slides, templates, and fonts. Let's say you're working on the annual sales report for your company and it contains information that can be used by the sales department. This template can be added to the Library so the members of your organization can access and repurpose it. Similarly, you can add commonly used slides, like "About us", and brand fonts so your users can collaborate across departments and maintain brand consistency.

Structuring your presentation, choosing the right slides, and formatting them from beginning to end can be tedious. That's why, at Show, we offer a wide range of customizable templates that streamline your presentation creation process. These templates come with a predesigned layout and are easy to edit, so you do not have to spend hours designing your slides. If you are a presenter looking for presentation software that focuses on productivity, then Show's templates and slides should be your go-to tool.

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