How to add live chat widget to WHMCS?

  • Connect to your webserver via the FTP program of your choice, and navigate to whmcs/template/X, where X is the name of the theme that you are using in WHMCS.
  • Find the file footer.tpl and click on it.
  • From the left side of your cPanel click on Edit File or Edit File with Code Editor option.
  • At the bottom of the page right above the tag put:

    paste your Zoho SalesIQ live chat widget code between these tags!


    When adding JavaScript to a WHMCS site, you need to add these {literal} {/literal} tags before and after the JavaScript.

  • Click Save changes (upper right corner of page.)
  • Exit from cPanel.

To get the Zoho SalesIQ chat widget code snippet

  • Login to your Zoho SalesIQ Operator console.
  • Navigate to Settings -> Websites, click on the name of the website you are attempting to include in a page.
  • Select Live Chat. In the Installation section, click Copy this code to copy the code snippet.


To receive live chat notifications, you should be logged in to Zoho SalesIQ (https://www.zoho.com/salesiq/).

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