Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Traditional methods of receiving resumes of different file formats, picking up details and manually entering them into the Candidate Database is both time consuming and a difficult task. Zoho Recruit, an online Applicant Tracking System provides an easy, collaborative and an inexpensive solution. A recruitment software that empowers recruiters with a complete recruiting functionality in every step of staffing and recruiting process, right from sourcing to hiring candidates. A complete solution for staffing and hiring companies, to acquire, screen, assess and position candidates in a short span of time.

Benefits of using Zoho Recruit's online recruitment solution:

  • Gives 360-degree view of your clients, contacts, candidates and requisitions.
  • Automates the recruitment process.
  • Provides solution for both Staffing Agencies and Corporate HRs.
  • Gives value to the time and handles the entire recruiting process.
  • Helps to acquire right talent faster than ever.
  • Manage your candidates, clients, and contacts in a single central database.
  • Improves the hiring efficiency of the business.
  • Simple and best Recruiting Software to make the best decisions.
  • Gives a visual indication of your recruitment tracking
  • Customize to match your organization needs.
  • Value for money compared to other recruitment softwares.
  • No more downloads - Zoho Recruit is a Saas Applicant Tracking System.
  • Web-based software that keeps everyone updated on the progress.

Zoho Recruit Features

Candidate Sourcing

Zoho Recruit helps you to gather resumes from different sources. You can reach many candidates and filter them based on your needs. This improves the quality of your resume database.

Resume Parsing

Extract multiple Resumes from documents, email attachments, folders, job portals, social sites, google search results, etc., and get the candidate details along with the original resume attached into Zoho Recruit's candidate database.

Resume Management

Manage resumes and track the progress of the candidates effectively. With Zoho Recruit, you can source, track and hire the candidates more efficiently.

Post Job Opening

Collect more resumes in a short span of time, by publishing jobs in your website. This gives your hiring process a much wider exposure.

Client and Contact Management

Easily manage your clients and client contacts. Get a quick view of the current status of all the job openings and candidates associated to the client.

Custom Recruitment Workflow

Zoho Recruit is a fully customisable hiring software. You can create custom fields with our easy drag-and-drop UI.

Boolean Search

Make your search more powerful with Zoho Recruit's Wildcard search, Boolean search, Combination search and Exact search. It helps you to quickly search the candidate details along with the attachment.

Applicant Tracking System with Email

Track all your email communications with Candidates, Clients and Client Contacts from within the ATS, without switching to different email client.

Integration with Google Apps

Access your Google Contacts, Users and Calendar from within Zoho Recruit. You can also easily import your Google Contacts as Candidates and Client Contacts.

Track Interviews and Events

Zoho Recruit allows you to track all your Scheduled Interviews and Events with Google Calendar and Zoho Calendar.