Check out our series of workshops

Now that events are taking place online, it's easier than ever before to get insight from our top experts from around the world. 'Workshop Series 1' on Zoho One was a huge success in sharing training experience and product knowledge.

Your feedback and requests for more inspired us, and we're happy to welcome you to another round of exciting workshops!

The game is on and the rules are simple: One-hour sessions every Thursday, with a week to recess after four consecutive workshops. 

Why attend?

Events are a great way to engage with our users, but due to current social distancing measures, we have had to suspend our normal in-person events schedule. However, ongoing learning is the key to improvement. We don't want to forfeit that, so we're committed to touching base with you through regular virtual events.

At these virtual events, you will meet with experts from our sales, support, finance, workplace, and developer apps teams as well as staff from a wide range of our products. Together, they will hone in on specific topics and train you on the must-know features in their product territory. we'll be adding more topics to these series of workshops over the next few months, so stay tuned!