Recruitment and Analytics

      • Zoho Analytics
        Zoho Analytics

        Get clear insights about your workforce.a Make the best use of your HR data and make informed decisions.

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      • Zoho Recruit
        Zoho Recruit

        Convert your hired candidates to new hires for smooth onboarding.

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      • Zoho Payroll
        Zoho Payroll

        Zoho People and Zoho Payroll together can make payroll processing seamless and error-free. (Available for India and UAE)

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      • Paybooks

        Integrate with Paybooks and run payroll without a glitch. (Available for India)

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      • greytHR

        Zoho People and greytHR together makes payroll processing quick and error-free. (Available only for India and UAE)

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      Document Signing

      • Zoho Sign 
        Zoho Sign 

        Get all HR documents signed and filed online with ease.

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      • Adobe Sign
        Adobe Sign

        Getting your HR documents signed is a breeze. Share documents, send reminders, and get them signed with e-signature.

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      • Docusign

        Get offer letters, contracts or policies, shared and signed on time.

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      Projects and Collaboration

      • Zoho Projects
        Zoho Projects

        Pull the projects you're working to Zoho People, track time, and bill clients.

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      • Zoho CRM
        Zoho CRM

        Zoho People lets you check for your clients in CRM and allows you to log time for them.

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      • Zoho Cliq
        Zoho Cliq

        Power productivity and seamless communication across teams and automate processes.

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      • Microsoft Teams
        Microsoft Teams

        Microsoft Teams integration for Zoho People enables employees to collaborate better and complete HR tasks right from within MS Teams.

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      • Zoho Books
        Zoho Books

        Push approved timesheets to Zoho Books for quick payment transactions.

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      • Quickbooks

        Generate invoices seamlessly and bill your clients or pay your employees for completed projects.

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      • Zoho Invoice
        Zoho Invoice

        Generate invoices easily for bills generated in Zoho People and pay clients accurately.

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      • Zoho Expense
        Zoho Expense

        Track and approve expense requests and submissions with a few clicks.

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      Business and Automation

      • Microsoft

        Integration with several Microsoft services enables you to add users, sync the leave calendar, approve requests, and more with ease.

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      • G Suite
        G Suite

        Export holidays to Google Calendar, upload files from GDrive and import users from a range of Google applications.

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      • Zoho Mail
        Zoho Mail

        Save time and quickly sync users to Zoho People.

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      • Zapier

        Automate tasks with a simple Zap!

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      • Zoho Flow
        Zoho Flow

        Automate business workflows by connecting your apps with Zoho Flow.

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      Rewards and Recognition

      • Xoxoday

        Rewards and recognition to motivate employees and encourage them to keep up the good work.

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      • Vantage Circle

        Reward and recognize good work with Vantage Circle for Zoho People. 

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      Password and User Access

      • Zoho Vault
        Zoho Vault

        Auto-generate unique passwords for your employees and ensure secure access.

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      • Zoho Directory
        Zoho Directory

        For efficient user access management across multiple products.

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