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Establish smooth data flow between apps

Tired of manual data transfer?

Build Zaps from scratch and link them with other apps to automate repetitive tasks and save valuable time. With the Zapier integration, you can create triggers and perform actions in Zoho People.


Automate repetitive tasks

Increase efficiency by incorporating automation into your daily workflow. By integrating Zoho People with Zapier, you can use Zaps to automate routine tasks like creating records and attendance entries, all without running any code.


Create a trigger in Zoho People

Simply start a Zap by selecting Zoho People as your trigger app and specifying the trigger event. For instance, if you'd like to automatically back up new Zoho People account records in another app, you can use the Zapier integration to configure this connection.


Perform an action in Zoho People

You can also set up triggers in a different app to automate actions in Zoho People. This makes it easy to automatically fetch details from another app directly to your Zoho People account.


"Zoho People's simplicity, ease of use and it being extensively customizable makes it perfect for us."

Malay Kumar, Director of Operations

Integrate Zoho People with Zapier

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