Payroll Integrations

Zoho People is integrated with Zoho Payroll for India, to make payroll processing easy and error-free for your organization. Zoho Payroll automates all salary calculations, adheres to local laws and handles all statutory compliances.

Zoho People has also integrated with greytHR and Paybooks. The integrated services, greytHR is available only for India, Middle East and Africa, and Paybooks is available only for India. You can choose any one of the two services i.e greytHR or Paybooks, as it is not possible to integrate with both at the same time. You can either use greytHR or Paybooks, integrated with Zoho People for your payroll processes. However, you can shift from your integration that you are using already and use the other software. You can simply disable the integration and integrate with the other payroll software available.