What's new in Zoho People: September 2022

  • Last Updated : August 23, 2023
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Zoho People Product updates - September 2022

As we step into October, we at Zoho People want to take you through all the features and enhancements that were introduced to our product during September. Last month, our product team kept its focus on making some of our most essential modules, shift management, learning management, and performance management more useful to HR professionals and employees alike. Here's a glimpse into everything new in Zoho People since September 2022:

  • FTP plugin for Attendance

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) plugin is now available for our attendance management system to help HR teams transfer files containing attendance data with an additional layer of security without having to install a service in the host's data server. The FTP plugin provides greater control to HR teams while helping them transfer multiple large files at once. Permission to enable the FTP plugin in Zoho People is restricted to administrators and attendance-settings administrators. Learn more about the FTP plugin for attendance.

  • Approval for cycle deletion in the performance management system

Zoho People's performance management system has all the features that performance administrators need to run appraisals in an organized and flexible way. Every step in the appraisal process can be customized to align the entire process with your organizational policies and practices. With one of our recent enhancements, only selected admins can be authorized to delete the appraisal cycles. For instance, you could use this function to allow all users with admin access to delete appraisal cycles. Or, you could just give this authorization to users with admin access within the performance module; when the rest of the admins try to delete the appraisal cycle, the request will be sent to the authorized admins. This way, only on their approval will the appraisal cycle get deleted. Learn more about this enhancement. 

  • Enhancements in the learning management system

Zoho People's learning management system (LMS) benefits course administrators and employees alike. Course admins can run multiple courses, conduct training in batches, facilitate online sessions, conduct tests, and a lot more. Employees can learn anywhere, at any time. With one of our recent enhancements to the online test feature, course admins can edit the test scores awarded to a learner. However, scores cannot be edited if the learner has not answered the question or given wrong answers. Learn more about this enhancement


In another enhancement, course admins can send emails to their learners directly from the LMS. Learn more about this enhancement.

  • Option to enter the reason for shift change

Zoho People's intuitive shift management system enables HR professionals to create multiple shift schedules, automate shift rotations, and notify employees whenever there's a change in their shift. Employees can request shift changes too. With one of our recent enhancements, HR teams can make it mandatory for employees to submit the reason for requesting a shift change whenever they submit the request. This will help the approver better manage the requests. Learn more about this enhancement.

Wrapping up

We hope these features take the tedium out of your HR processing and make your workforce's experience with your organization as simple, engaging, and memorable as possible. Take these features for a spin and let us know your feedback in the comments section below! For queries, please feel free to write to support@zohopeople.com.

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