Retainer Invoice from an Estimate

You can create a retainer invoice from an accepted estimate. Let’s look at a business use-case to understand this better. 

Scenario: Peter sends an estimate of the total amount of the invoice to his customer. If the customer agrees to the estimate and would like to have the same amount on his invoice as well, Peter wants an advance so that he can start working on the product. So, he selects the Create a retainer invoice for this estimate automatically option on the estimate creation page, so that every time his customer accepts an estimate via customer portal, a retainer invoice is created automatically.

To create a retainer invoice along with an estimate:

Retainer Information

Collecting Retainer through Customer Portal

As soon as you send an estimate, your clients can view it in the Estimates module on the left sidebar of the Customer Portal . They can click an estimate to view it.

Retainer Customer Portal

Retainer Customer Portal

Insight: As soon as the estimate is accepted, a retainer invoice for the customer will be automatically created in Zoho Billing.

Collecting Offline Retainer Payments

In some cases, customers would like to make the advance payment in person or through an offline method such as a bank transfer for the estimate you sent them. In this case, you can always mark the estimate as Accepted and create a retainer invoice for the offline advance payment.

Create Retainer

Apply to Invoice

Invoice Applied

Quick View of Payments

Quick View of Payments

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