Applying Retainers to Invoices

After the product is delivered or service is rendered, apply the retainer invoice to the final invoice before sending them to the customer. You can also split up and apply the retainer amount to multiple invoices or apply multiple retainer amounts to a single invoice.

Applying Retainer to Multiple Invoices

In a business, there are cases where the customer would have paid a one time advance for multiple services, which can be later applied on future invoices.

In such cases,

Apply to Invoice

Retainer to Multiple Invoice

Fields Description
Balance The amount collected from your customer as retainer.
Invoice Amount The total invoice amount raised for the customer.
Invoice Balance The final amount to be paid after deducting advance payments.
Amount The amount to be applied from the Balance available.
Retainer Amount Available Available retainer after the Balance is applied for invoices.

All the retainer transaction details will be displayed for a quick view at the top of the selected retainer invoice. You can always edit or delete the entry using the icons present next to it.

Quick View

Applying Multiple Retainers to an Invoice

Sometimes there might be multiple retainers collected from your customer which are not yet used, but were accumulated to be used for future purposes. Your customer might wish to use these unused retainers for a pending invoice or for a future invoice.

In such cases,

Multiple Retainer to Invoice

Use Retainer

Applying Retainer

Adjustment in Invoice

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