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Mélanie Verret

Mélanie Verret

Co-owner and Managing Director, - KRONOS Experience, Canada
I can't believe we've been running a business without Zoho all these years, what a waste of time that was!

Company Name

KRONOS Experience, Canada


Wellness and Fitness Service

Using Zoho Books since


Challenges Faced

  • No integration between accounting and CRM
  • Absence of centralized system and integration capabilities

Features Mélanie likes the most

The company

KRONOS Experience creates and designs unforgettable interactive team-building experiences designed to bring groups of all different ages and sizes together in a fun way no matter how far away they live from one another.

In business for 16 years, the company was recently restructured. It brought its youth and corporate divisions together under the name KRONOS Experience. The pandemic has also led to significant changes within the company. Some services have been dropped while others have been brought forward. A new logo, website, and branding were required to support these significant changes. A restructuring of personnel and processes was necessary to optimize its operations and internal management, too.

I can't believe we've been running a business without Zoho all these years, what a waste of time that was!

The solution

Mélanie did extensive research on the various systems available on the market and ended up discovering Zoho Books when she went to an exhibition in Montréal. She was particularly interested in the wide range of features it offered, the variety of other Zoho apps that could be integrated together, and the significant opportunities it provided to optimize the way the company ran.

Zoho's platform really helps us to streamline our work. It's not just the accounting platform, but everything that comes with Zoho apps.

Introducing Zoho Books

Mélanie began by rolling out Zoho CRM, which quickly ended up becoming central to KRONOS XP's business. Having had a good initial experience with Zoho software, and given the fact she was already on the lookout for a good accounting system, Zoho Books and Zoho Expense were the next logical steps to help manage the financial and accounting side of the business, which was the company's weak point at the time.

Before rolling out Zoho, someone was employed full time to look after the accounts at KRONOS. When that employee left the company, Mélanie decided to use Zoho Books, which made accounting easier. According to Mélanie, Zoho Books has everything you need from quotes and invoices to contracts and advance payments.

The process of introducing Zoho Books was really simple for Mélanie. She now uses Zoho Books on a day-to-day basis. Since the platform is easy to use and intuitive, she can handle the company's invoicing herself without needing to hire someone for the task.

Now, it doesn't even take me 5 minutes. I am even able to do my quotes from my CRM. It's fun, it's really very effective.

The benefits and ROI

By leveraging Zoho tools, especially Zoho Books, Mélanie has managed to optimize KRONOS XP's time and resources, and has a more comprehensive overview of her company's financial health. She can even make better and more realistic financial decisions.

The fact that it is so easy to integrate a range of interconnected apps means that the company can easily transfer data between different tools. For example, they can access data in both Zoho CRM and Zoho Books, and vice versa. All data can be aggregated and accessed quickly to help increase efficiency.

"yes, absolutely! I do it on a regular basis."

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