Zoho Inventory and Tally connector

Take the worry out of having your inventory data and accounting on separate platforms. With the Zoho Inventory - Tally connector by Octfis Techno LLP, simplify your business operations by bringing your inventory data to your Tally accounting software seamlessly.

Transfer data from Zoho Inventory to Tally accounting software

With this tally-inventory connector, you can bring key data like customer and vendor details, sales and purchase transactions, item lists, and charts of accounts to Tally in a few easy clicks.



  • A Zoho Inventory account
  • A Tally license

Key features of the Zoho Inventory - Tally connector

Migrating data

You can migrate data in 3 simple steps:

  • Select the data you want to bring in to Tally from Zoho Inventory
  • Import the data from Zoho Inventory into the connector
  • Export the data from the connector to Tally

Filtering data

You can filter the data you want to transfer by date, status in Zoho Inventory, and module (sales or purchases). The next time the same user wants to transfer data, the last filter used is applied automatically.

Master data migration

Ensure seamless inventory management in tally as you do not need to migrate master data like customer and vendor details, item lists, chart of accounts, item categories, and item units. The connector automatically migrates this data for you behind the scenes.

Multiple branches and organizations

The connector enables tally inventory management bringing in data from Zoho Inventory to Tally without any limitation when it comes to the amount of data, branches, or organizations you have in Zoho Inventory.

Sales channel

Selling on multiple platforms doesn't need to make your accounting a chore. Zoho Inventory connects to multiple ecommerce platforms like Amazon and Shopify so you can manage your offline and online sales data without effort.


Generating e-invoices is a simple task in Zoho Inventory. Push e-invoice details directly to the GSTN and e-way portals with just the IRN. You can then bring in this data into Tally with the connector, for easy accounting.

E-way bills

Zoho Inventory lets you create e-way bills and push the e-way bill data to Tally through the connector. Stay compliant with GST laws while transporting and accounting for goods worth more than Rs. 50,000 in value.

Online payments

Managing payments you receive across multiple platforms is easy with Zoho Inventory. It maps your invoices automatically to Tally, and lets you know which customers have completed payment and which ones are yet to pay you.

Order fulfilment

Zoho Inventory integrates with multiple shipping channels to take care of the complete order fulfilment process right from storing inventory to shipping orders. Once orders are fulfilled, you can push the order status to Tally through the connector to continue with the financial aspects of shipping.

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