Collecting contacts made easy with Zoho Forms

Website contact forms provide a convenient and efficient way for individuals and organizations to communicate with each other. Zoho Forms makes it easy for website visitors to contact you and share their information. With Zoho Forms, capturing leads and engaging with customers is a breeze. Build forms, collect data, and manage it all from one place.


Customer database

Gather contact information from your audience, store it in secure cloud systems, and access it whenever you need to.


Customer support

Pick up questions from your customers, generate tickets for your help desk, and resolve issues efficiently.


Customer engagement

Interact with your audience regularly with email marketing campaigns, to better cultivate your brand.

Generate free contact form

Loaded with features that cater to your every need, our online form maker isn't just about collecting data, it's about making connections. Share translated forms on your web page to resonate with localized visitors. Gather phone numbers from the ideal leads you're after by incorporating country codes tailored to your target regions. Validate the domain of email addresses as respondents complete your form. With advanced security measures such as OTP-based form access and CAPTCHA, you're set to enjoy authentic interactions every single time. Use our free forms app to transform the way you connect with your audience.

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Contact form templates

Zoho Forms simplifies the process of creating and distributing professional-looking contact forms for free. Instantly publish contact forms by selecting from a wide variety of pre-designed templates. Find a template that aligns with your brand and deploy it on your web pages with ease. With Zoho Forms' extensive customization options, you can effortlessly modify the template to match your brand's style. Click here to explore templates.

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Create contact us form for web pages

The 'contact us' page on our website serves as a vital communication link for your site visitors to connect with you. Utilize Zoho Forms' broad range of customization features to generate and embed visually captivating HTML contact forms seamlessly into your website

How to create responsive contact forms online

  • Drag and drop your preferred fields into the form builder
  • Apply themes and customizations that reflect your brand
  • Share the contact form online and start collecting contact information
Contact Us Page Generator - Zoho Forms

Mobility and flexibility

With our handy mobile app, you can build contact forms from any location--even when you have no internet connection.

  • Create contact forms instantly and collect details on the go.
  • Collect contact details offline.
  • Scan business cards to auto-fill digital contact forms in seconds.

Collect contact details with ease using Zoho Forms

  • Embed contact forms in webpages

    Copy and paste HTML or JavaScript code to embed contact forms in webpages.

  • Share them on social media

    Convert your social media pages into sales avenues by obtaining contact details from your audience.

  • Use Zoho Forms' Wordpress plugin

    Collect contacts easily by publishing your form using our Wordpress plugin.

  • Send via email campaigns

    Distribute contact forms through email campaigns and add form respondents as contacts in your mailing list.

Push the limits of your contact forms

With Zoho Forms, add more purpose to your simple contact information forms by integrating them with a wide range of software applications.


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Murali Krishnan  
 Bo Thygesen  
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"We've converted several paper-based processes from paper to online — all thanks to Zoho Forms! Most of our customers ask, "Can we do this online?" Zoho Forms was our answer to them."

Conan Power, Information Systems Analyst, Waterford City Council

"Zoho Forms makes collecting and managing data incredibly simple. It saves a lot of time and is worth every penny."

Aswini Srinivasan Co-founder, 80 Degrees East

"We used to go back and forth, sending and signing paperwork. Now, enrollment is almost instantaneous. The signing process happens via an online enrollment form and the merged PDF is sent as an email—it's never been so simple!"

Shannon Marie Baker Owner, Alabama Church School

Don't just collect contact information, grow your business with it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a contact form?  

A contact form is an interactive web feature that enables visitors to communicate with website owners without using email. It typically includes fields for name, email, message, and sometimes additional information, allowing easy and structured communication.

What are the important elements of a contact form? 

Key elements in a website contact form include fields for the visitor's name, email address, subject, message, and phone number. Additionally, incorporating features like checkboxes, dropdowns, and CAPTCHA can enhance usability and security.

Where to use contact forms?  

Contact forms are essential on 'Contact Us' pages, allowing visitors to ask questions, request information, provide feedback, or inquire about services. They are used to streamline communication and make it convenient for visitors to reach out without relying on direct email or phone calls.

Is Zoho Forms a free contact form generator?  

Yes, Zoho Forms allows users to create and embed contact forms into their websites for free.

How to add a contact form to a website for free?  

  • Sign up: Register for a free Zoho Forms account.
  • Create a form: Use the intuitive form builder to build your contact form. Add fields like Name, Email, Phone, etc.
  • Customize: Personalize the form to suit your website's design using Theme editor.
  • Share: Copy the provided embed code (iframe, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, or Lightbox) and paste it into your website's HTML where you want the form to appear.