Cloud Storage

Store all your files, images, and music in a central location and share them effortlessly with friends and colleagues.

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Bulk uploads

Upload files individually, or select and save multiple files at once.


Store large files

Save videos, product screenshots, and even entire databases without worrying about file size.


Email in

Send documents from your email or scanner directly to your cloud account without signing in.



Create folders and subfolders to categorize your files by team, project, function, etc., and find anything instantly.

Sync from desktop

Sync files from your Windows, Mac or Ubuntu Linux computers to the cloud in a snap. Ensure accessibility for your team and accelerate project completion.

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Two-way sync

Work on your desktop files either online or offline. View changes on all devices when you’re back online.


Transfer large files

Share movies and other large files easily with out Desktop Sync app. Simply drag-and-drop them into your Zoho Docs folder.


Multi-level sync

Transfer folders and sub-folders online without mixing up the order or worrying about misplaced documents.


Backup files

Mitigate data loss by backing up all your information online.

Share and Collaborate

Set permissions, share files, and brainstorm with your colleagues to enhance productivity.

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Password protected links

Control access to confidential information by setting up a password for your documents.


Group sharing

Forget sharing files with your team members one at a time. Create a group alias and share ideas as often as you like.


In-app chat

Group collaboration used to mean endless back-and-forth messages and lots of wasted time. Now discuss ideas and decide changes in real time with the chat feature within the document.


Tasks and reminders

Manage and delegate work among team members. Set reminders and notifications to get work done on time.


Zoho Docs meets industry specific compliance standards such as SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001. We also participate in and comply with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework.

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Server failure recovery

We prevent data loss by storing multiple copies of your files on multiple backup servers in numerous locations.


Two-factor authentication

Beyond basic security verifications, users are required to enter a one-time password that adds an extra layer of security.


Encryption in transit

Your files are encrypted during transit from any device to our servers with an RSA based 2048-bit unique key generated through Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS), backed by Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol.

Advanced analytics

Keep track of user-access stats, file usage reports and much more with analytics feature of Zoho Docs.

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Audit Trail

Get notified of all the edits made to a file and the identity of the individual making them.


User stats and reports

Keep track of the different versions of each file. Get a quick summary of all the times its been accessed or modified.

Set up and Admin controls

Customize your system to suit organizational policies, and stay in control of user information and permissions.

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Manage user access

Add members and assign privileges as per organization policies. Or, provide role-based permissions.



As an admin, search, find, and view any file created by any user within your organization.


Unlimited file recovery

Retrieve and restore every single file in your organization, even deleted ones.


Custom branding

Personalize Zoho Docs by adding your company logo, and customize settings to suit your organization's unique needs.

Mobile Apps

Take work with you wherever you go with the Zoho Docs mobile app. Download now for iOS and Android.Learn more