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Collaborate confidently with external stakeholders

Sharing files and collaborating with your team is now as easy as brewing instant coffee. However, when it comes to sharing files outside your team, it's important to retain complete control over them to prevent data loss or information breaches.

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Give your files

Give your files and folders multiple identities

Create multiple customized links to share the same file or folder with different people or groups outside your organization. Label them for easy reference so you have a record of who has access to each file link.

Hold the reins

Secure each link with independent access permissions, passwords, expiry dates, and even restrict recipients from downloading the file. You can also request the users' name, phone number, and email address before allowing download.

Hold the reins

Keep an eye on your files

Track user activity on each external sharing link separately. WorkDrive provides statistics on who's viewed or downloaded your files, when these activities were done, and the number of times they took place.

Keep an eye

Revoke access at any time

Want to stop sharing a file immediately? Remove an external sharing link to revoke access for a particular person or group the link was created for.


Restrict external sharing

Have confidential team files that shouldn't be shared externally? No worries: just disable external sharing for your entire team or for a particular Team Folder so files can't be shared with outsiders.

Restrict external sharing

All your external sharing insights in one place

Having trouble keeping track of your externally shared data? WorkDrive compiles a complete list of external share links in the Team folder in a single place for you to track user data, copy link, change properties, and delete unwanted links.

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