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Receiving Payments

You can receive payments from your customers either manually or automatically. Let’s look into all the ways you can receive payments.

Manually Charging your Customer

Your customer does not like to be Auto-charged? but they have given you their credentials? Manually charge your customer with an already saved card or with a temporary card.

Insight: The customer’s card information will be stored in the payment gateway which is used by you for the Auto-charge feature.

Updating Customer’s Card

Your customer’s credit card is not working? Update your customer’s card credentials, here’s how it’s done.

Receiving Payments using Auto-charge

Learn how Auto-charge is instrumental in receiving payments for your recurring invoices.

In Zoho Invoice, you can receive payments using Auto-charge by using Customer Portal and also by adding your customer’s card to the recurring invoice.

Customer Portal

You can charge your customers automatically through Auto-charge. Customer Portal is a feature in Zoho Invoice which helps your customers to view their payment history, recent transactions and allow them to make payments online.

Receiving Payments Auto-charge

Insight: If customers do not check the Use this card for future transactions box, Auto-charge feature will not be enabled. Your customers will be asked to enter their details again for another invoice generated from the recurring invoice.

Auto-charge by Associating the Customer’s Card

If your customer has given you their card details to charge for the invoice raised, you can associate the card to the recurring invoice or directly to the contact.

Associating Card through Contacts

Receiving Payments Auto-charge

Insight: The Add New Card option will be available only if you have chosen the Create, Charge and Send Invoices for recurring invoice settings.

Insight: If you have enabled more than one Auto-charge supported payment gateways, an extra drop down will appear in the window asking you to select the preferred payment gateway.

Associating Card through Recurring Invoice

Receiving Payments Auto-charge

Insight: For cards added through Contacts, a window will appear asking you to select the card already added to be associated.
Receiving Payments Auto-charge

Recording Offline Payment

If your customer has paid for your invoice by cash or other offline medium, you can always record it in your Zoho Invoice.

Record Offline Payments

Record Offline Payments

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