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Tendency to forget payment dates are pretty much common in business. Large volume of payments to be made or other priorities can be a possible cause. But, do not let that be a hindrance from receiving payments for your invoices. Simply send a manual reminder or set up an automated reminder for your customers.

Manual Reminders

Manual reminders can be sent to customers having invoices in Overdue and Sent status. Configure the mail content here for the reminder to be sent. The reminders can be sent by navigating to overdue and sent invoices and selecting the Send Reminder option from the More drop down.

Manual Reminders

To edit the content of the reminders:

Overdue Invoice Reminder

Automated Reminders

Create a reminder and set the criteria based on due date or expected payment date and Zoho Invoice will take care of the rest.

Automated Reminder

Based on Due Date

3 pre loaded reminders will be available in your Zoho Invoice account, by default. You can enable those reminders accordingly and set them with a criteria.

Based on Due Date

Based on Due Date

Based on Expected Payment Date

This reminder is typically for you to know that there are invoices that crossed or nearing their payment date. To enable this reminder, expected payment date needs to be chosen for the invoices.

Based on Expected Due Date

Date Expected for Payment

Expected Due Date Reminder

Configure Reminder

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