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Australia GST

Create a new organization in Zoho Invoice and choose Australia as the country.

General Information: GST: Goods and Services Tax is a value added tax of 10% that is applied on the sale of goods and services in Australia.

Creating an Australian Organization

Aus New User

Aus Existing User

Insight: You can also set your taxes in the Quick Setup that follows. You will learn how to setup taxes that will be applicable for your business in Step 2.


Create a New Tax

New Australia Tax

Click on Save to save the tax.

Create a New Tax Group

New Australia Tax Group

Click on Save the tax group.

Default Tax

The Default Tax will be used in transactions when tax preference (Taxable/Tax Exempt) is not set for the involved customers. The first tax you create will be marked as the Default Tax initially. However, you can mark a different sales tax as default as well.

Default Tax can be useful for the following scenarios.

Insight: Default Tax is not automatically associated with a customer. It is only used when tax preference (Taxable/Tax Exempt) is not set for the involved customers.

To mark a different tax as default, hover your mouse over the tax you wish to select as default. You will find the mark as default button appearing next to the tax. Select it to make the tax a default tax.

Change default tax

Tax Information in Contacts & Items


Associate a tax for a contact

You can associate taxes to contacts either while creating or editing them.

Associate Tax for Contact

Making a Contact Non-Taxable

Contact Non-Taxable


  • GST FREE: The price of the product or service you sell to a contact will not include GST.
  • GST FREE EXPORT: The price of the product will not include the GST if you intend to export and sell your items outside Australia.

Click here to learn more about it.


Items Taxable

Items Tax-Exempt


Tax Information in Invoices

Tax Information in Invoice

Insight: INPUT TAXED SALES: The price of goods and services do not include GST.Click here to learn more about it.

Making an Item Non-Taxable

Non-Taxable Item in Invoice

Showing Tax Registration Number in Sales Transactions

Show Tax Registration Number Tax Registration Number on Invoice

Tax Registration Number

Taxes in Purchases

You can also choose to make purchase transactions such as Expenses as Taxable or Non Taxable. While creating such transactions, select a tax from the drop-down to make the transaction taxable or select Non-Taxable to make the transaction exempt from tax.


Name Description
Tax Name It refers to the name you’d like to assign to a particular tax. Ex: GST in Australia is 10%.
Rate Refers to the tax rate pertaining to a province in percentage. Ex: GST in Australia is 10%
Exemption Reason Users have to select why a customer / transaction / item is exempt from sales tax. Ex: GST FREE, GST FREE EXPORT and INPUT TAXED SALES.

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