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More with Contacts

There’s more to Contacts than what meets the eye. In this section, we’ll look into all the important things that we’ve not explained before.

Associating Templates

The invoices, estimates, notifications mails etc. that you send out to your customers can be unique to each client. In Zoho Invoice, you can personalize your templates such that their design is different and very client-specific. These specifications are not only useful to meet business expectations, but also to bring about the perception of a personal touch among your clients.

Setting default PDF and mail notification templates

You can associate pre-defined default or customized pdf and email templates to your contacts as desired. This includes the ones you have created and added to the Zoho Invoice template gallery.

To associate templates to a contact:

Associate Templates

In the Associate Templates pop-up page, you can create, select and assign a customized PDF or Email Notification templates for your contact as you desire.

Selecting PDF Templates

Associating PDF Templates

Selecting Email Notification Templates

Stopping All Reminders For A Contact

Zoho Invoice allows you to send automated payment due reminders to your customers. These reminders can be configured in the Settings module for selective durations as you desire. Now, if you do not want to send these reminders to specific contacts you can stop them.

To stop reminders for specific customers:

Stop all reminders

Payment reminders will be stopped for this contact immediately. Later, if you want to re-enable the reminders for this contact, you can do so.

Enable All Reminders

Sending Email To A Contact

While doing business with your customers, you might want to communicate something important related to your business to your customers. You can send such emails directly from Zoho Invoice, easily. Additionally, you’ll be able to attach a list of unpaid invoices list to the email and send it to your customers.

To draft emails and directly send them to your customers:

Email Contact

Insight: Only the email addresses that you’ve added to the contact will be shown in the dropdown of Send To and Cc. If you want to instantly add an email address, click + Add Contact Person in the Send To dropdown; enter the contact person’s details and click Save and Select.

Add contact person

Sending email to a contact

Cloning a Contact

At times, you may find yourself in a case where a certain customer wants to maintain two different email addresses in your organization. In that case, just clone the customer account and assign the second email adresses to the cloned one.

To clone a contact:

Clone Contact

A Clone Contact screen will open where all the details of the contact will be auto-populated. Make sure all the details are correct and click Save.

Clone Contact

Pro Tip: If you have not activated the customer portal for the original contact, then you can activate it for the cloned contact.

Merging Contacts

When you import contacts from other systems, it is possible to have multiple contacts for the same customer in the Contacts module. You can merge them together to make them a single contact and bring all the transactions under a master contact.

Warning: Once you merge contacts together, they cannot be separated back as individual contacts. All transactions associated with them will be listed under the master contact and the other contacts will be marked as inactive. You can mark the inactive contacts as active again, but the transactions under them will be erased.

Prerequisites: The contacts you are merging must have the same currency to merge them together.

There are two ways to merge contacts in Zoho Invoice depending upon your preference:

Merging Multiple Contacts

It’s best to follow this method, when you want to merge more than two contacts together.

To merge multiple contacts:

Merge Multiple Contacts

Merging two contacts

When you want to merge only two contacts, follow this method.

To merge two contacts together:

Merge Two Contacts

Marking A Contact As Inactive

To mark a contact as inactive:

Mark as Inactive Image

Deleting A Contact

You might want to delete a contact when it has become obsolete. However, you cannot delete a contact if transactions are recorded under it. You must delete all the transactions before you can delete the contact. If you want to retain the transations, you can mark the contact as inactive.

To delete a contact:

Delete Contact

Alternatively, you can also delete individual contacts by selecting them.

Delete Contact from Details page

Assigning Contact Owners

When you have a large customer base, it is diffcult for a single person to handle all of them. Also, it is possible to miss out on some customers when you’re pre-occupied with your business. To help you in scenarios like these, Zoho Invoice offers you the ability to assign one of your employees as a contact owner to a contact or a group of contacts. Now, the contact owner can create, view or edit transactions for the contacts assigned to them.


  • You must have at least one of your employees as an user in Zoho Invoice with the Staff - Assigned Customers Only role. This role is available by default under the Roles tab in Settings. Learn more about Users and Roles.
  • You must be an admin or an user with access to assign other users as contact owners.

After adding an user with the Staff - Assigned Customers Only role, you can assign them as contact owners, either while adding a customer as a new contact or after adding a customer as a contact.

Assigning while creating a new contact

Assigning after you’ve added a contact

More dropdown - ACO

Assign Contact Owner to Contacts

You can assign a contact owner to mutiple contacts at a time. To do so:

More Actions - ACO

Asssign Contact owner to multiple contacts

Sending Unpaid Invoices List To Your Customers

At times, customers might delay in making the payments for the invoices that you’ve issued to them. It could be due to a variety of reasons. However, you can send them a copy of all their unpaid invoices and urge them to make the payments that are due.

There are two ways to send a PDF of unpaid invoices list to your customers in Zoho Invoice:

Attach them while sending a customer statement

To send an Unpaid Invoices List along with sending a customer statement:

Mail statement

Send Email Statement

Exporting Contacts

The export option in the Contacts module allows you to export the contacts and the contact persons in CSV or XLS format. As soon as you export, the data will be downloaded to your system in the format that you’ve chosen.

To export contacts:

Export Contacts

Bulk Actions

Bulk Actions allows you to perform a particular action on a group of contacts. You will be able to send or print customer statements of a group of customers in a single attempt, update contacts, enable Customer Portal, mark contacts as active or inactive and delete contacts. Let’s look into how you can perform bulk actions in Zoho Invoice.

Bulk Send Customer Statements

When you select contacts in bulk and send bulk statements, each customer’s statement is sent to their email address respectively. The statements that are sent to every customer will be of the same period.

To send bulk customer statements:

Insight: You can send a maximum of 25 customer statements at a time. So, it’s best to select a maximum of 25 customers whenever you want to send customer statements in bulk.

Send Bulk Customer Statements

To print customer statements in bulk:

Insight: You can print a maximum of 25 customer statements at a time. So, it’s best to select a maximum of 25 customers whenever you want to print customer statements in bulk.

Print Bulk Statements

Bulk Update

Bulk Update allows you to update fields such as Currency, Payment Terms, Price Lists and Custom Fields in the contacts in a single attempt.

To bulk update:

Bulk Update

More Actions

You can enable Customer Portal in bulk for your contacts, mark contacts active or inactive and delete them.

More Actions

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