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Before you actually start selling, the first important rule of sales is to get to know your prospects well: what interests them, what kind of service they are looking for, etc. Today, one of the best ways to understand this is by following and keeping track what your prospects say on social media. Millions of people post updates on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Among those, there are some who talk about the products they are using, their requirements in business, who their major influencers in decision-making are and also which product/service they consider for their needs.

The questions is, how will you connect these social interactions with your CRM database to follow the people who are your customers or who can become one in future! The answer to this is the Zoho CRM's integration with Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This integration is the key that connects the social interactions of your leads and customers in Twitter, Facebook and Google+ with the data in your CRM account.

Brand Interactions: Associate company's Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Accounts

Monitor your company's Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages, search relevant topics and engage with customers and prospects from within the Social tab. This is an Organization-specific feature that an Administrator needs to set up. Users with Social tab profile permission can access it.

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Individual Interactions: Associate Twitter and Facebook profiles to your leads and contacts.

Find out more about your leads/contacts and new business opportunities by associating Twitter and Facebook profiles of your leads and contacts in Zoho CRM. This is a User-specific feature and so users can use their own Facebook and Twitter accounts to associate the social profiles of their leads and contacts. They need the with Social Integration profile permission to use this feature.

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