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Zoho CRM for Android Phones

Zoho CRM for Android is a native application that enables you to access and work with your Online Zoho CRM data from your Android phones. With this mobile application you can access and manage your Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Potentials, Cases, Vendors, Tasks, Events, Products, Quotes, etc. and custom modules.


Permission Required: Administrators need to activate it for users in other profiles.



  • Zia Voice - Call or Chat with Zia to get answers for all your questions in Zoho CRM.
  • Widgets - They provide miniature application views that can be embedded on your Home Screen and helps you receive periodic updates of your Activities, Tasks etc. It also acts as a shortcut for the app. 
  • App Shortcuts - App-specific shortcuts makes it easier to access certain portions of the app directly from home screen. Zoho CRM allows the user to customize these shortcuts. 
  • App Lock - When dealing with customers' data, high level of security is required. Zoho CRM provides an app lock feature to keep the data secure. You can add a Pin or a Fingerprint to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Notification Channel support - With the introduction of notification channels, users can get a fine control of what they want to be notified about. They can specifically turn off notifications for a certain channel, specify the importance as well as the preferred sound for a particular category of notifications and whether or not to override DND (Do not Disturb).
  • Shortcut Pinning - You can now pin Leads/Contacts as shortcuts to the home screen. This promotes easy access to a particular Lead/Contact.
  • Log your calls in Zoho CRM - You can log both incoming and the outgoing calls made to Leads, Contacts etc. from your android mobiles. This will also give you options to add other details such as Purpose, Call Owner, etc.
  • Voice Notes - You can record your conclusions on a recent demo for a prospect or capture your thoughts about a meeting with a client through Voice Notes. It acts as your personal secretary. 
  • Access your CRM data on the go - You can access your Zoho CRM data from your Android mobile on the go, anytime and anywhere.
  • Synchronize your data modifications - You can add, modify and delete records from within your Android mobiles. The changes will automatically get synchronized with your account online.
  • Work offline - You can continue to work with the application even when your mobile is offline or out of network coverage. You can access the CRM records stored locally in your Android phone and also add, modify and delete records. The application will automatically synchronize the changes made while offline into your online account, when your mobile device reconnects to the network.
  • Make calls from within Zoho CRM application - You can instantly call your Zoho CRM contacts, leads and accounts from within the application and log the calls into Zoho CRM afterwards.
  • Locate Leads, Contacts and Accounts near you - Using Google Maps, Zoho CRM can locate and show you the leads/contacts/accounts near you.
  • Send emails to contacts - You can easily send emails to your Zoho CRM contacts from the email account configured in your device.
  • Filter records based on List Views - You can use all the available pre-defined and custom list views in your device to filter records based on specified criteria.
  • Update the Related Lists in each record - You can add update or delete the Tasks, Events, Calls, Notes, Attachments, and other releated records associated to each record in your Android phone.
  • View Records in alphabetical order - The records in Contacts, Leads, and Accounts modules are listed in alphabetical order for an easy search. Under Settings, you can also change the display format (i.e. First Name and Last Name) for Leads and Contacts.

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