Gamescope - Overview

Gamescope - An Overview

Gone are the times when you have to wait for the weekend to have some fun! Zoho CRM's inbuilt gamescope feature is guaranteed to make your work day a lot more interesting and memorable than usual.

Gamescope in Zoho CRM is designed with the sole aim of making sales more fun and exciting for your sales teams. This is achieved in two ways - by letting sales people compete with one another and also with oneself.

  • Compete with one another: Games based on sales activities are conducted among indiviudals or groups in order to promote healthy competition between them. As they complete a specified set of activities, participants of a game win multiple "trophies", each of which carries a certain number of points. The player or group with the maximum points at the end of a game wins.
  • Compete with oneself: In order to encourage individuals to push themselves to perform better, a sales manager can set specific targets or goals for their sales reps to meet. Every time this goal is met, a user wins a "badge". One need not be a part of a game to win a badge.

Configure Gamescope

Lay the ground rules for a sales rep to win the trophy.
Set Up Gamescope | Manage Trophies | Manage Badges

Using Gamescope

Create games, allowing sales reps to conquer trophies one after the other.
Create a New Game | Create a Player Group | Manage Games

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