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  • Last Updated: December 11, 2023
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In this edition of #JustLowCodeIt, Aziri, a partner based out of Belgium, shares how they solved their customer's problem using Zoho Creator. This blog is written by Kurt Van Eeckhout, co-founder of Aziri, as part of the Creator Developers' Month initiative. Thank you for sharing your story with us!

Transport Michiels customer case

It's so fantastic to be able to visit our customers again in the post-Covid era—and especially so if you can sit at the table with an enthusiastic personality like Filip Van De Veire!

Transport Michiels (TMI) is a family-owned company active in the transportation sector.

With their 250 employees, 170 drivers with 170 of their own trucks, 500+ trailers, and a 25,000 m² warehouse, they are a large SME with a very important logistics department.

The Excel nightmare

They kept a lot of information in all kinds of spreadsheets. When it became clear that this way of working could be improved with a scalable solution in the cloud—all while remaining self-sufficient—Filip was all ears.

11 spreadsheets with HR information were replaced by one HR application specifically for the transportation sector, with follow-up for training, health inspections, etc. This increased the efficiency of their HR department and offers employees a portal where they can, among other things, apply for holiday leave.

Of course, it was never the intention for TMI to become IT professionals themselves. But the risk of being completely dependent on an external supplier was not an option either.

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating”. That's why TMI engaged in a first step (at Aziri, we call it "seeing is believing") that, after just a few days of work, made tangible what the added value would be to optimize their way of working.

After TMI had become a believer, it quickly became clear how many other use cases could be addressed when deploying a low-code platform more widely. They now have a series of applications that they can manage themselves—and where they can always fall back on Aziri for support if desired.

Why Zoho Creator?

Michiel Provoost, Business Analyst at TMI, says the following about the platform:

“The strength of Zoho Creator is that I can make applications. I’m not a developer—I have an economics background—but after a few days of training by Aziri, I became familiar with the product and smoothly learned how to develop new functionalities independently.

One can develop an easy app in 1, 2, 3, and after gaining some more experience, one can add more complex logic to it. It allows SMBs to become self-sufficient, with the support of a technology partner like Aziri, to address more complex/technical challenges.

"The best thing about your service? A very smooth team that is well coordinated and complementary to the customer", says Filip.

TMI's Creator use case:

Aziri always deploys a product owner in combination with a developer, so that the customer is optimally supported both architecturally and technically. As a result, we succeed in fulfilling our promises. Add a touch of humor to that, and we're completely happy in our job!

When a customer and supplier find a match, both in terms of content and in terms of corporate culture, collaboration is efficient and pleasant.

About Aziri

Aziri supports BeNeLux organizations in defining their strategy for innovation, the adoption to ensure success, and the technology to enable it all. Aziri business consultants guide customers to optimize or automate their business processes, while Aziri's no-code gurus put things in practice.

As such, Aziri:

  • Aligns C-suite, IT, and business
  • Enhances digital literacy
  • Fosters ideation and innovation (quick check of feasibility by building a minimal viable product)
  • Responds to increasing demand (from business users or due to market circumstances)
  • Accelerates app development (reduces the application backlog) with solutions that run on any device

Aziri’s approach is based on co-creation, speed, and flexibility.

Throughout this month, we'll be bringing you more interesting stories. Keep checking back to celebrate International Programmers' Day with us!

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