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Collect data

Design forms to collect data from users.

Automate workflows

Design workflows to run business process efficiently.

Gain accurate insights

Create custom reports and charts to analyze business data.

Collaborate online

Share data with your team and collaborate seamlessly.

Benefits of using Zoho Creator over traditional spreadsheets.

Data Entry is simple

Scrolling through rows and rows of data, entering the values to the respective columns and maintaining your spreadsheets becomes difficult as the number of data increases. Zoho Creator offers the easiest and error free way of adding data through forms.

Validation of data

Spreadsheets do not support validation of data you collect. You can enter a text in a column which records mobile numbers and still spreadsheets will allow you to do it. With Zoho Creator you can simultaneously validate the data as you enter them.

Sorting and searching

Zoho Creator provides a custom searching option for your reports. This makes it simpler for you to search individual columns and you can also provide different combinations of search criteria to locate the desired data in your database.

Multiple view types

Analyse the data stored in your database using different visualisation types available in Zoho Creator. These types include the traditional spreadsheet view types like list, pivot table, pivot chart and business oriented view types like the summary view and calendar view.

Online collaboration

Spreadsheets are not designed for collaboration with multiple users at the same time. Business activities require collaboration with different departments in an organization. Zoho Creator allows you to share the application to multiple users with customised roles and permissions.

Data at your fingertips

Having access to your data in your mobile phone is a major setback while using spreadsheets. Zoho Creator's native mobile application allows you to access or update information in your database even while you are away from your desk.

RICHARD DAVIS Founder and ceo, tek textil

"It has reduced our stress and allowed us to develop more business, with less time spent managing it."

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