Get the most out of your database

Extensive collaboration, courtesy of the cloud 

A drag-and-drop page builder that adds depth and style to reports

Automation that takes relieves you of everyday chores

Native mobile apps with customized gestures and layouts

Role-based permissions that ensure data security and integrity

Integrations with Zoho and other popular third-party apps

Here's how Zoho Creator can free you from the hassle of clunky spreadsheets

Organized data entry

Take a break from scrolling through endless rows and columns. When you use Forms to collect and collate data, you'll never have to go searching for the correct cell.

Validation at every step

Put an end to manual errors. Built-in data validation takes effect as soon as you define fields. Once that's done, you can set varied criteria and refine filters for incoming data.

Engaging and informative reports 

View data the way you want to. Choose from a range of views—list, spreadsheet, Kanban and summary—as well as styles like pivot charts, graphs, and tables. You can also customize reports with a variety of themes and filters.

Mobile-ready features 

Every app you build on the web is natively available on mobile and desktop. You can customize your app's layout to your device's screen, or take advantage of exclusive features like customized gestures, bar-code scanning, and geo-fencing.

RICHARD DAVIS Founder and ceo, tek textil

"It has reduced our stress and allowed us to develop more business, with less time spent managing it."

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