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  • How to transform your workstation management efficiently with a low-code platform

How to transform your workstation management efficiently with a low-code platform

  • Last Updated : April 20, 2023
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The pace at which our world has implemented the digital revolution is absolutely commendable. With the consistent evolution of technology, many companies have been able to reassess and rebuild business processes to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market.

The use of low-code platforms for developing custom applications has played a significant role in driving this change. They're helping different organizations make quick changes, because low-code application development solves distinct and challenging problems.

Recently, low-code platforms have gained immense attention, because they allow organizations to build custom applications while adapting to an ever-changing business environment a lot more easily.

In fact, according to a report by Gartner, low-code application development will be responsible for over 65% of application development activity by 2024. Zoho Creator is one such platform that has already been used to develop more than 6 million apps. In this blog, we'll learn about Zoho Creator in detail and how the platform can be used to manage workstations efficiently.

What is Zoho Creator?

Gaining a competitive edge in the market is directly linked to digital innovation in the present—and in many cases, the responsibility to bring this about depends on IT teams. Unfortunately, though, many organizations fail, due to limited availability of resources, operational chaos, and unlimited business management requests.

In this scenario, Zoho Creator works as a low-code application development platform that enables business managers to create applications with minimal assistance and coding knowledge. The result is quick application development, quick business agility, and reduced stress on IT teams.

What is low-code application development?

It's best to think about low-code as an application development method that involves a visual user interface and user-friendly code snippets, in contrast to traditional hand-coded methods.

Low-code platforms allow users to create applications with little or no coding, which helps in creating business applications quickly and with minimal effort.

What are the benefits of Zoho Creator as a low-code platform?

  1. Streamlining businesses: Business functions must be streamlined to ensure revenue growth. When applications are made to solve core business problems, it becomes easier to ensure success.

The only problem is that too many managers can form a bottleneck when they're depending on IT teams for application development. Zoho Creator comes into the picture to solve this problem.

It empowers business leaders to build applications whenever needed, without any limitations on their technical abilities.

  1. Improved processes: Establishing internal order is important for managing all the external chaos. That said, most business managers consider it exceedingly challenging to manage processes when they manage big teams that are distributed across different locations.

Zoho Creator comes into the picture for designing applications for establishing, optimizing, and automating processes for most internal and external stakeholders. This helps in establishing clear ownership and also improves the user experience tremendously.

  1. Efficient decision making: Most managers face a common problem—not having the necessary tools for converting data into useful information. They get caught up with piles of spreadsheets that are a result of delayed and poor decisions.

Using Zoho Creator helps to collect data from different sources and pushes them to dashboards for stakeholders. It further helps in accessing essential performance metrics for making the best possible decisions.

  1. Better business-IT strategy: One common problem many organizations face is a conflict between the business and IT teams. This eventually impacts businesses on a large scale.

The fundamental cause of this conflict is often a loaded IT team with comparatively limited resources. This further leads to a backlog of requests and many unhappy stakeholders on both sides.

Zoho Creator helps in shifting the role of information technology for business development in a way that allows the teams to develop applications from defined organizational standards. You can focus on core aspects of technology, such as security and scalability, without stressing about application backlogs.

  1. Mobile-ready ecosystem: A significant risk for digital initiatives is a lack of adoption by stakeholders. Being one of the finest low-code platforms, Zoho Creator helps business managers develop an application that can be used to access customizable versions of the same app at a minimal cost easily.

How can low-code platforms help in workstation management?

The pandemic led companies to streamline their processes and improve their efficiency with digital transformation. For instance, workstation management efficiency was a problem many organizations faced in the middle of lockdown regulations going on and off. Many companies did not know how to manage seating plans with so many COVID regulations.

Low-code platform development came into the picture for managing seating problems in a hybrid or completely digital setting, with its multilevel procedures focusing on important company aspects. It was used for automating tasks, reducing workload, and saving time.

An application made on a low-code platform, such as Zoho Creator, is usually packed with unique features that ultimately help digitize and manage different work processes. There is no limitation to the overall processes and activities that can be improved with digitization.

A workstation management application created using a low code platform allows businesses to develop methods by their requirements, while offering employees the tools to complete their primary duties. Deploying a digital workspace using a low-code platform offers employees many benefits:

  • Better user experience and higher ROI
  • Easy and consistent workflow automation
  • Improved accessibility and mobility
  • Quick information sharing and collaboration
  • Enhanced understanding between employees

    Now that we have clarity on low-code platforms and all the functions that they're capable of, let's go into how it helps in workstation management with an example.


    Let's imagine a company with multiple offices on many floors at different locations. Say that the seating capacity of all these offices is 300 on every floor. During COVID, the entire workforce of this company was not needed at the office, so the company decided to call people in as they were needed. The problem, in this case, was that the office was always open, but there was no clarity about workstation availability.

    For instance, Person A needed a workstation from 10AM to 5PM on Monday, but when this person came to the office, there was no guarantee that the workstation would be available. There were also challenges that the company faced in managing the seating process, so an application was needed to solve this problem.

    In this case, an application could be used to streamline the working process at the office, and Zoho Creator could be used to make this application. If an employee raises a request for seat booking, the admin can grant the employee permission to work at a particular workstation. Moreover, once the seat booking process is confirmed, the employee can also be sent a confirmation email.

    Zoho Creator is capable of enabling the development of multiple applications, like workplace management and IT asset trackers, that could help all employees manage their day-to-day tasks.


    The Zoho Creator low-code platform helps to deliver the best technological solutions to customers. When it comes to workstation management, in particular, it is one of the best ways to ensure that a workforce is efficient in all the most important ways.

    Zoho Creator can be used to make applications that manage day-to-day work, with streamlined seating plans and improved overall productivity. If you want to manage your workstations, contacting expert Zoho Consultants can significantly help.

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