A beginner's guide to successfully implementing a BPM solution

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What is Business Process Management (BPM) software?

A business process is a set of activities that are performed in a sequential manner to complete a task. A BPM application is a tool that monitors, measures, and analyzes your existing business processes and provides an analytical report to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of the organization.

Who should use BPM software?

Organizations of all sizes will benefit from a robust BPM solution. It helps companies understand the effectiveness of their current business processes, and how to refine them.

  • SMBs

    Many SMBs fail to understand that automating manual workflows will help free up their employees' time for other more important tasks. They can save plenty of man-hours that are wasted on performing predictable workflows.

  • Enterprises

    With hundreds of tasks to manage and measure, a BPM tool is crucial for enterprises to reduce manual intervention, optimize process workflows, reduce redundancy, and increase efficiency.

Benefits of using BPM software?

  • Automated workflows

    Workflows vary from people to departments to organizations. Setting the right automated workflow will help eliminate inefficiencies in your business processes.

  • Intuitive reports

    Well-designed BPM reports help monitor business processes, as well as understand how effective they are. Measuring and analyzing data using these reports helps optimize your business processes.

  • Data management

    BPM helps collect data from various sources and mediums, and stores it in a centralized location for easy access.

  • Continuous improvement

    An effective BPM strategy is designed to help you understand your processes better. Monitor workflows, identify bottlenecks, and see where time is wasted, so you can make changes to the process to improve productivity.

Key features of successful BPM software

  • Create custom BPM apps

    Each business is different, with unique processes. A custom-made app helps digitize your business processes.

  • Build forms your business needs

    Effortlessly collect data and manage the necessary workflows to perform business processes better.

  • Create automated workflows

    Helps streamline tasks and processes them in parallel, to reduce the overall time taken.

  • Define roles and permissions

    Ensure sensitive information can't be accessed by all personnel.

  • Proper approval management system

    Enable faster approvals by managing them in a centralized location.

  • Reporting dashboard

    Compare and analyze data better, with various customizable graphs.

How Zoho Creator is empowering businesses worldwide

Zoho Creator is not software by itself—it's a platform that one can use to build all kinds of workflows and apps. The sole purpose of business process management software is to create a continuously improving ecosystem in your organization.

By monitoring workflows and understanding where delays happen, businesses can easily optimize their processes.

And once you understand where the changes need to be made, it shouldn't take ages to reflect in your BPM app. Zoho will be right there, helping you make instant changes to your apps.


With Creator, your data is stored in the cloud. Work from anywhere, as your data is secure and accessible.

Custom iOS & Android Apps

Download a free native iOS or Android mobile app for each of your custom business apps.


Creator is a platform that can be used to design and launch any number of apps, to help build and scale your business processes.


Pricing is flexible, and varies with the size of your organization. Start out with our free trial and then choose the plan that best suits your needs.


We have support available 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday, for all our clients. And don't worry—we'll help set up the perfect BPM solution for your organization.

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