Zoho Connect can redefine the way you work.


Unify people and processes

Combine multiple streams of information in a secure workspace and start dealing with less at work—less time spent on problems, less email, less clutter, and less tension.

Streamline team communication.

Create groups based on employee location, department, or any other shared attribute to give your teams a common space to ideate.

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Stay updated on workplace activities.

Your co-workers may be working on a new project or analyzing a recent campaign—whatever the subject, the discussions keep going, and tracking them all is work in itself. Keep up with the conversations or start your own with Feeds in Zoho Connect.

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Save time with automation.

Create form-based applications that gather data for you. Simple forms that register details of new team members,leave-of-absence forms, and more can all be built right within Zoho Connect.

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Improve learning and development

Use a platform that gives employees access to information, experts, and team collaboration opportunities. Zoho Connect can help make learning informal and removes many of the traditional barriers to knowledge.

Make information easily accessible.

Foster learning by putting information right at their fingertips. Keep all your files within Zoho Connect, so your team can always refer to them when needed.

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Organize knowledge in one place.

Do you want to draft best coding practices for your development team or a style guide for your designers? Get your in-house specialists to share expertise and create a knowledge base your team can use to master new material.

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Boost productivity

Help employees find like-minded colleagues so they can pool their brain power and work on meaningful projects. When great minds think together, they produce great results.

Collaborate to stay productive.

Create groups to get people working together. Groups provide a set of tools that make it easy to combine efforts and get work done.

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Make better decisions faster.

Speed up your decision-making process by creating channels to bring the right people together. Communicate in realtime and stay looped in, no matter where you are.

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Resolve issues together.

Draw on the efforts of your team members to find quick and effective solutions. Use Forums to crowdsource answers from within your network.

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Discover Expertise

Find the hidden talent in your organization. Uncover the untapped intelligence and skills in your workforce. Stop outsourcing and start using in-house solutions.

Hear from the in-house experts.

Every individual in your organization has a unique set of abilities. Use Feeds and Forums in Zoho Connect to provide a platform to share, learn, and grow as a team.

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Create a knowledge base for your team.

Get your in-house specialists to share what they know and compile it using Manuals. Your organization will have a virtual library of resources that they can draw from at any time.

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Propel Innovation

Social media has transformed communication in the personal space and is now doing the same inside the workplace. Promoting collaboration fosters innovation and often leads to surprising results. Get your thoughts out there and start impressing your co-workers.

Bring team interactions to your screen.

Create Connect groups to give your team a stage to share their thoughts and talents, and provide creative solutions to challenges.

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Share expertise.

No two people are alike in a team. Use your unique skill-sets to boost each other up. Share knowledge on topics you are familiar with and help your team members master new material.

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Get discussions started.

Tap into your organization's collective potential by starting a forum discussion. Pool perspectives, refine ideas, and innovate.

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Simplify Onboarding

Get new employees in the loop as quickly as possible. Use Zoho Connect to speed up the rate at which newcomers familiarize themselves with their roles and responsibilities, come to understand the company culture, and get going on the road to success!

Bring new employees up to speed.

Employee onboarding is easy when you add new members to relevant Zoho Connect groups. They'll get a rapid understanding of what the team is working on and access to the documents they need to refer to.

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Connect with your new team members.

Make new members feel like part of the team instantly. Send them a welcome message, and encourage them to share their ideas and opinions in your group.


Break down silos

Sometimes the best solutions come from unexpected places. Zoho Connect lets you crowd source problems and cut through your own crowded thoughts. Dismantle the boundaries that typically separate teams and get employees throughout the company providing input.

Everyone's on the same page.

Complex org structures and multiple levels of hierarchy can make it difficult for employees to communicate with each other. Zoho Connect gives you the ability to have conversations with anyone in your organization, no matter where you are.

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Let ideas flow freely.

Inspiration can strike anywhere: an analyst in your office might provide great design input, a simple suggestion from your intern might translate into something much bigger. Zoho Connect simplifies the way you work by bringing people together, within and across teams.

Extend collaboration.

People—not just the ones in your organization, but those outside of it, like partners, vendors, and consultants—add value to your work. Use external networks to work with your other stakeholders and keep them in the loop.


Cultivate an open door culture

An open-door policy at work helps develop a friendly and transparent organizational culture. Let employees to get to know each other, regardless of whether they work in the same team or location.

Making time for light-hearted conversations.

Discussions need not always revolve around work. Create groups and channels, or start forum posts about common interests like music, sports, or literature. Add some fun to your workplace and boost employee morale.

Simple gestures can brighten a co-worker's day.

Send a thank you message to a co-worker who has helped you out, acknowledge good ideas, congratulate someone who's done a great job, wish them well on their birthday-small gestures like these can bring all of you closer together.

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