Zoho Connect can redefine
the way you work

  • Unify People & Process

    Unify People
    & Process

    Yet another reason to catch up with the trend of 'Less is More'. Zoho Connect allows seamless communication and collaboration to form a connected enterprise. By unifying multiple flows of information into a secure online workspace, you can now go about suffixing or prefixing 'less' with every other word at work -- less meetings, less time, less e-mails to remember, and clutterless and hence tensionless at work!

  • Improve Learning & Development

    Improve Learning &

    Walk proudly on the platform that gives employees the opportunity to access information, to engage with experts and to collaborate with team members. You can use Zoho Connect to reduce the complexity in accessing knowledge, and make learning very informal and less complex. You can see your employees realizing that together their ideas make more sense!

  • Boost Productivity


    Here is a sweet little something for your employees who are eager to find their like-minded ones. They can pool in their grey matters and work on some business-impactful projects. Enjoy the assorted outputs and see more visible impacts of one genius on the other!

  • Propel Innovation


    Flaunt your ideas by sharing them, create your groups and get more minds at your workplace to use some participation. Be the creator of the platform of idea sharing, promoting brilliance and surprise yourself and your employees when some ideas turn out to be super innovations. Here is your opportunity to zoom through people's minds and to impress them with your ideas.

  • Break Silos

    Break Down

    How exciting it can be to let go of your own crowded thoughts and let in some thoughts from the crowd! You can now break free from obtaining ideas from traditional employees. Zoho Connect uses crowdsourcing and hence you have the total freedom to receive ideas, needed services or content from a large group of your own people.

  • Discover Expertise


    Did you know that latent and talent are made of the same letters?! Well, what Zoho Connect is also about is finding the hidden talent and experts from across your organization. Experience the delight of meeting new intelligent and smart bodies. Simply indulge yourself in replacing a lot of outsourcing needs with quite many in-house fulfilments.

  • Cultivate Open-Door Culture

    Open-Door Culture

    An open door policy at work helps in developing a friendly and transparent organizational culture. Make use of the transparency for bringing some problems to light and to work on effective solutions. Instead of several people talking about the same problem, there will be a few of them brainstorming ideas to solve several issues.

  • Simplify Onboarding


    You can appreciate Zoho Connect for being your mind reader every now and then. The new employees in your organization will not get to be the debutant for long. Use Zoho Connect to ramp-up the speed of the newcomers to get familiar with their respective roles and responsibilities; to understand the culture of your company; and get them going on the road to success!

  • Employee Visibility


    Now, who could not use some visibility and popularity within the organization? Being social and versatile have become the need of the hour at workplace. Thankfully, with Zoho Connect, you don't have to sweat much to hog the limelight showcasing your medals of versatility. Get creative, grab challenges, play the mediator of conflicts and what not.