Zoho Connect can redefine
the way you work

  • Unify People & Process

    Unify people
    and processes

    Combine multiple streams of information into a secure workspace and start dealing with "less" at work -- less time spent on problems, less email, less clutter, and less tension.

  • Improve Learning & Development

    Improve learning and

    Use a platform that gives employees access to information, experts, and team collaborative opportunities. Zoho Connect helps make learning informal and removes many of the traditional barriers to knowledge. Watch your employees come together to create great ideas.

  • Boost Productivity


    Help employees find like-minded colleagues so they can pool their brain power and work on meaningful projects. When great minds think together they produce better results.

  • Propel Innovation


    Spread your ideas by creating Connect groups and encouraging participation. Promoting collaboration fosters innovation and often leads to surprising results. Get your thoughts out there and start impressing your co-workers.

  • Break Silos

    Break down

    Sometimes the best solutions come from unexpected places. Zoho Connect lets you crowdsource problems and cut through your own crowded thoughts. Dismantle the boundaries that typically separate teams and get employees throughout the company providing input. Find more answers and ask fewer questions.

  • Discover Expertise


    Zoho Connect helps you find the hidden talent and expertise across your organization. By uncovering untapped intelligence and smarts in your workforce you can stop outsourcing and start using in-house solutions.

  • Cultivate Open-Door Culture

    Cultivate an
    open-door Culture

    An open-door policy at work help develop a friendly and transparent organizational culture. When conversations are free flowing, employees are more likely to identify problems that might otherwise get left unmentioned. Get employees talking, brainstorming, and solving problems.

  • Simplify Onboarding


    Get new employees into the loop as quickly as possible. Use Zoho Connect to speed up the rate at which newcomers familiarize themselves with their roles and responsibilities, come to understand the company culture, and get going on the road to success!

  • Employee Visibility


    Who wouldn't like to be more popular at work? Social media has transformed communication in the personal space and is now doing the same inside the workplace. Zoho Connect lets you grab the limelight and showcase your versatility. Join conversations, provide creative solutions to challenges, and be seen for the star you are.