Stay better connected to the tools you love

Make the most of the other software you use every day by building custom apps and integrating them using the Cliq platform. Access the information you need and perform actions without switching between apps to improve your productivity.

Less time to build, more value.

With the easy-to-build components in Cliq’s developer platform, you can spend more time identifying the tasks to be automated and less time building the apps.

Easy on you. Easy on your wallet.

The serverless developer platform comes with no additional costs for setup and maintenance, allowing you to create and manage apps according to your needs.

Develop and access from anywhere

Continue from where you left off while building your custom apps from any device. Get easy access to the apps from Zoho Cliq, no matter what device you are on, with options like Kiosk mode and QR code-based access.

Use across the organization

Build apps and deploy them for your entire organization. With the resource management dashboard, get a complete view of all the custom apps built in your organization and manage access for every app.

From simple to super complex

Cliq's versatile developer platform capabilities enable you to easily build low-code tools, as well as complex projects that involve pro coding.

Bring your existing workflows inside

You don’t have to design your workflows from scratch. Use webhooks in Zoho Cliq to integrate with your existing technology setup and get going.

You don’t have to be an expert programmer to start building

With Deluge, Zoho’s user-friendly online scripting language, you can define your own workflows and build low-code integrations in the Cliq platform.

Simple steps, better solutions

Start building your automations in just a few straightforward steps.

  • Identify the task to be automated.
  • Pick the right automation tool for your task.
  • Start creating with the tool.
  • Customize your automation based on your needs.
  • Save and deploy your new automation.

One platform, endless possibilities

There are no limitations when it comes to automation in Cliq. From the simplest of tasks to the most complicated, you can automate everything to your own specifications.

Add tasks to your project management software


Move messages as tasks to your project management tool and get updates about pending tasks listed in your project management app inside Cliq.

View tickets from your support ticketing app


Receive notifications and stay updated on the support tickets raised by your customers, and take necessary actions from your chat window.

Manage your campaigns and activities


Set up automation for your Mailchimp account, get notified about campaigns in your chat window, and take action.

Upload files to your cloud storage app


Move attachments sent through Cliq chat to your cloud storage app, and access files from the cloud to share with other users.

Collect feedback by sharing the form link


Use the Form View Handler to build forms and generate QR codes for the form links. Share codes through chat or use them on your survey materials to gather feedback.

Track and locate with the map view


Embed the map view in your custom app for tracking and booking cabs, and get real-time updates.

Put your automation into action

The Cliq platform is bundled with bots, commands, message actions, and functions. Initiate integrations with external apps, bring the data into Cliq, and manage it efficiently right from your chat window.

  • Slash Commands
  • Bots
  • Message Actions
  • Forms
  • Widgets
  • Schedulers

Get work done in one key stroke

With Slash Commands, you can perform tasks in your chat window by typing a forward slash (/) followed by the desired command.


Let your virtual assistant do the work

Automate bots to help you with your everyday routine, including fetching data from other apps and performing repetitive tasks.


Add detailed actions for messages

In addition to standard message actions like reply, copy, and forward, you can create custom message actions to add the message as a task, note, ticket in external apps, and more.


Execute tasks with the click of a button

Associate forms or buttons with Functions to complete actions from the chat window. For instance, if you want to add a message as a note, you can perform the message action; upon submitting the associated form or clicking the assigned button, your dedicated function completes the action and notifies you in the chat itself.


View data from external apps in a unified space

Widgets in Cliq give you a clear overview of all the data from your integrated apps. You can create distinct tabs to view tasks, files, tickets, and tweets from different apps. Apart from third-party data, widgets can also be used to display data generated from other custom internal tools created in Cliq.


Streamline monotonous tasks

If you often find yourself completing repetitive tasks, automate them with Schedulers. You can schedule routine messages like announcements or updates, and Cliq will post them for you in the desired in chats and channels. This way, you can spend more time contributing to crucial projects.


Connect Cliq to third-party apps with automation platforms

Automate your workflows by integrating Zoho Cliq with a myriad of third-party apps in simple steps using ready-to-use IFTTT applets, Integrately, and Zapier.


For all kinds of teams

The Cliq platform offers solutions for every need. No matter your department, you can use Cliq to automate tasks and stay on top of your work, all from your chat window.


Take control of your tasks, identify bugs, make code changes, and get updates about recent deployments.

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Schedule social media posts, view campaign reports, and receive notifications about your website’s performance to analyze your marketing efforts.

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View support tickets from customers, resolve issues quickly, collect customer feedback, and update your knowledge base.

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Bundle your automation tools into extensions

Along with installing the extensions available in Zoho Marketplace, you can develop your own custom extensions by grouping automation tools like bots, commands, widgets, and functions. You can also publish your extensions in the Marketplace and make them accessible to everyone.

Access code samples for extensions

Resources to help you out

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect the Cliq platform to an external application?

Yes, you can. Zoho Marketplace offers extensions for third-party apps. If you would like to set up an integration that is not listed in Zoho Marketplace, you can build your own custom extension.

How do I build and access a custom extension in Zoho Cliq?

View our help guide to start creating your extension. You can access your custom extensions by clicking on your profile image, selecting Bots & Tools and navigating to My Extensions. You can also edit the extensions and publish them in Zoho Marketplace.

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