Outline of Functions

A function is a structured piece of code, that can execute a task when a button is clicked or when a form is submitted. The idea behind a function is to simplify workflows by providing accessibility to applications within the chat interface.   

How to create a function?

1. Click on your display picture and select Bots and Tools.

2. In the integrations page select Functions and click Create Function. The necessary field and their description is listed below:

  • Name: Name of your choice for the function.
  • Description: Brief explanation about the functionality.  
  • Function Type: Select the function type based on your implementation. If you're function is associated with a form then select the form function and if you're function is associated with a button, then select the button function.

Functions View

Form Function Preview


Button Function Preview


Edit a function:

Click the function name and select the Edit Configuration option in the function preview. Edit Configuration allows you to edit all the fields filled while creating the function. The function preview also displays the function code.

Edit a function by hovering over the function name and clicking Edit Code to edit the function code in a deluge editor. Click Edit Configuration to edit the function name and description.


Delete a function:

1.Delete a function by clicking on the function icon present next to the function name. 
2.Clicking on this icon will show a confirmation prompt as shown below.
3.Once you click on the Delete option, the function will be deleted forever and cannot be retrieved back.